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Physics: Events and Opportunities

Please see below  for links and information to nearby events relevant to Physics.

Royal Holloway Physics Schools Lecture Invite - London 8th December 6:30pm

FREE tickets book with the link below.

Curriculum: Homework & Marking

Marking of pupil work is an essential part of the learning process.  Work should be marked regularly and consistently within departments.  Formative comments and targets should be included where appropriate and pupils should concentrate upon these, rather than their simple mark or grade, to understand how to improve their work.

The School's marking policy can be found here along with individual department policies. 

pdf version

Languages - General: Polyglots

Polyglots is the Sixth Form Modern Languages Society. It holds talks approximately every half term on topics of broad linguistic interest and is aimed at both Sixth Formers and staff. If you would like to be involved in giving a presentation, please talk to your language teacher/Mrs Lupton who can help you decide on your title and scope of your talk.

In November 2017, Fatma Berdous Majnoun presented a wonderful illustrated talk on 'The Berbers, the Tamazight Culture and the Amazight Language'. As this is her native language and culture, Fatma was able to provide a detailed, personal insight into this topic and wore traditional dress (as you can see in the video below) to show us an example of her culture.

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