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Languages - French: Directed Studies 

The DS programme (Directed Study), is designed to encourage our French students to develop their linguistic skills in an independent fashion. The programme offers a variety of tasks to complete on a fortnightly basis, either during the allocated DS slot or at a more convenient time. The students will be provided with the Authentik 2009 Listening and Reading booklets. They will also receive the magazine Chez nous five times a year and some of the DS time will be spend reading the magazine and completing some of the exercises.  All listening files can be accessed via Kesmoodle and students are encouraged to mark their own work, look at the transcripts and mark schemes and thereby learn from their mistakes and move forward. The DS programme is separate from normal homework. Students need to indicate on a Google Docs spread sheet when they have completed their DS work as well as any other independent work that they may have done, (this could include listening to French music, practising vocabulary via Vocab Express, reading an article via Twitter @kesfrancais or watching a French film).

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