Drama & Theatre Studies

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Drama is taught once a fortnight to 1st and 2nd years in the Dobson theatre. The 1st and 2nd year pupils are all taught the same, agreed curriculum which includes an introduction to Shakespeare in performance, Mime, Physical theatre and Soundscaping (and much, much more!)

At the end of the 2nd year pupils can opt to take a one year course in Theatre Studies in their 3rd year, with a provision of 3 periods in two weeks. This course has recently been rewritten and now involves a series of taster lessons in performance techniques, stage history, lighting, stage make up and set design. In the Spring term pupils get an introduction to several theatre practitioners and different theatrical performance styles in preparation for creating their own devised pieces of theatre. This is excellent preparation for the GCSE course the following year. The latter part of the Spring term and first part of the Summer term is spent preparing for a practical performance of a text, that replaces a written exam and is performed to parents and friends in the Summer term. Once this is completed we will then work on writing and directing short film scripts for the group to produce.

Drama is offered as a GCSE using the WJEC specification. Currently there are 2 sets in each year group, with 19 pupils taking the subject in the 4th year and 21 in the 5th year. All sets are taught by subject specialists and the department regularly moderates both practical and written assignments to ensure parity of marking. Scripts studied this year include 'Confusions' by Alan Ayckbourn, 'Antigone', 'Blue Remembered Hills', 'Equus', 'East',  'Educating Rita' and 'That Face' to name but a few. Please click on the GCSE course outline links on the sidebar for more information. 

A2 and A Level Drama and Theatre Studies are offered using the AQA specification. This year we have one group in the U6 and one group in the L6. Each set has two specialist teachers who are responsible for delivering discrete sections of the course, with the exception of the practical units, where both teachers assist the pupils. Please click on the A2 and A Level links on the sidebar for more information.

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