Endeavour 2018

First Year

First Years spend two nights camping at Fairthorne Manor and getting involved in lots of hands-on activities.

Students will need to bring all of their required kit (see kit list at the bottom of this page) with them to School on Wednesday 5th July. On arrival in School students should leave their bags in pre-designated rooms which will remain locked for the rest of the day. Students are able to come to school on the 5th July in their own casual clothes suitable for the first evening in camp. At the end of the day students will be able to leave anything they don’t need in their locker for collection on Friday. We will be returning to School on Friday 7th July in time for the normal buses.

Fairthorne Manor only have a small lockable safe that we will have access to, therefore please can we ask that only a small amount of spending money, up to £5, is all students bring with them. Mobile phones and other electronic devices will not be permitted on the camp, staff will have contact details and mobile phones in case of emergency.

We will have a list of all contact details should the need arise to call home. Should you have an emergency of your own and need to contact the camp, you can call the school mobile on the following number: 07917 262016. However please do bear in mind that signal is not always available in the forest and therefore during working hours the landline at Fairthorne Manor is contactable.

Finally, I would like to draw your attention to the possibility of encountering ticks in the forest. Students should wear long trousers/sleeves and utilise suitable insect repellent to reduce this risk. We will of course be bringing medical kits with us but please look at the advice on tick avoidance and what to do; which can be found at Lyme Disease Action via the link below (document download area):


If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Miss Stone.

Suggested Kit List

Boots and trainers, or wellies and trainers

Trousers / track suit bottoms (not jeans)

Socks (3 pairs)

Complete set of clothing (track suit)


Night clothes

Sun Hat and sun glasses

Sleeping bag, roll mat and pillow

rugby shirt or equivalent

2 Plastic bags (to keep clothes dry)

Long sleeved jumper

Torch with new batteries

Waterproof coat

Some personal snacks

Drinks container (500ml Plastic squash bottle or suchlike)

Rucksack or sports bag (for main kit)

Toilet / washing kit, towel, sun cream (high factor), insect repellent, antibacterial hand gel

A small amount of pocket money (for one visit to the tuck shop)