Endeavour 2018

Second Year

Increase your confidence abroad by going to Normandy, your confidence in water with two non-residential days of watersports, your confidence with a camera by doing a two-day photography course, or your confidence with heights by doing two full days of climbing on a residential course. 

Normandy French Trip

Mr Robinson leads this two day photography workshop. 
-Getting to know your camera
-Photographing viewpoints (wide, buildings, pitches etc)
-Photographing objects and close up
-Photographing people
-Processing pictures - basic Photoshop
-Sharing pictures with the emphasis on camera/picture legalities related to taking photos and sharing them

Students required a camera and spare battery/connector for a school computer.

Mr Havers and Mrs Henderson run a residential three day climbing and camping trip with small numbers.

On Thursday morning the group left for Derbyshire and following an activity on the way up, set up camp. The activities were in part driven by the weather but a mixture of climbing on the famous Peak District Rock, some indoor climbing at a local wall and some recreational swimming were planned. Climbing/Abseiling sessions ran each day and a swimming pool session in Hathersage outdoor pool. Friday evening was planned depending on the weather. Following a Saturday morning session they packed up camp and returned to School on Saturday evening.

Two days of activities at the Watersports Academy in Poole. Sessions included: Wakeboarding; Waterskiing; Sailing; Powerboating; Kayaking; Windsurfing.

The cost for this activity is £90