Examinations & Reports

Grades and Reports

What do the Grades mean?

The grade descriptors for the First Year to Fifth Year inclusive are given below:

7 Consistently outstanding understanding of the subject. Shows insight, flair and exhibits a
scholarly attitude to work. Uses initiative to work independently.
6 Excellent understanding of all material. Produces work of a consistently excellent standard. Will
occasionally use initiative to learn independently.
5 Very good grasp of the subject. Whilst some work will be excellent, consistent excellence has
yet to be achieved.
4 Consistent, secure grasp of material with rare instances of weakness but has yet to develop
initiative and excellence.
3 Generally sound grasp of the subject with minor weaknesses and some unreliability in certain
2 Work can reach the level expected but there are areas of concern. Needs a high level of
guidance to achieve a modest outcome.
1 Work rarely reaches the level expected and there are areas of major concern. Lacks purpose
and needs constant direction.
N Grade not applicable to this Reporting Period.

A Positive and strives to produce improvements in standard or to maintain excellence.
B Displays the approach expected of a typical student at King Edward VI School. Attentive
and aims to produce work reflecting level of ability.
C Needing a more consistent approach or working steadily at a level that doesn't reflect true
ability or attitude, on occasions, causes some concern.
D Failing to apply himself/herself to tasks on a regular basis. Clear signs of underachievement
or disruptive behaviour.
N Grade not applicable to this Reporting Period.

Target Grades for iGCSE / GCSE Subjects
Target Grades indicate the grade a pupil could attain in the iGCSE/GCSE examinations if he/she works at an expected level over the coming year. These grades are not predicted grades.

Written ReportsEach subject report includes targets for the individual pupil to work towards over the next
reporting period. Similarly, the tutor’s report includes a general comment about the pupil, a comment on any co-curricular activities undertaken and targets for the next reporting period.