Extended Studies

Extended Studies is an integral part of the first year curriculum, which aims to broaden and enhance the pupils’ educational experience taking full advantage of the resources and expertise available both in school and in the local area.

There are six modules, each lasting four weeks operating upon a carousel programme.
This year areas of study are outlined below:-
  • Castles
  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Food and Health
  • iPad Creativity
  • Reality & Representation
These courses consist of various disciplines in their delivery coupled with a number of key sorties to venues which help bring to life the topics in question.Destinations include: -Practical cookery; Winchester Cathedral: Porchester Castle etc.
Within the Extended Studies programme we aim to make the pupils aware of many integral qualities which enable one to function effectively within a close and wider community.Traits such as:-
Listening to instructions
Team work
Time keeping
Self Awareness
Responsibility as a group member
Practise of appropriate behaviour
Consideration and empathy for others
Pupils enjoy a diverse range of experiences which benefit them socially, culturally and educationally learning through a diverse and rich curriculum concluding the school week on a positive and informed note.


Plenary Programme
In addition to this core carousel programme, plenary sessions are held throughout the year, bringing together the year group to work with visiting guests and theatre companies.These plenary sessions help to consolidate themes raised within the carousel such as the theme of community and cultural appreciation and awareness.
This year we have two Fire Safety addresses introducing basic Fire Safety in and Around the Home as well as Arson / Peer Group Pressure and Consequences.This aims to inform pupils of the dangers whilst furnishing them with the knowledge of the correct procedure to follow if ever faced with such an emergency.
The Young Shakespeare Company will perform the ‘Tempest’ introducing pupils to the literary riches of Shakespeare in an engaging and animated performance making this English play write accessible to all.
‘The Solent Peoples Theatre Company’ will be performing a sketch exploring issues around ‘pupil councils’ within schools in ‘The Rights Stuff.’This supports the themes of team work / community and all that is related to the self through to the wider community.This performance introduces pupils to the concept of representation and a forum for expression, this may just inspire some to speak up or/and seek nomination to such a post in due course within the school.
‘Ecology on the Common’ encompasses numerous animal, insect, plant and historical investigations.This compliments the conservation unit whilst raising pupil awareness of the immediate local environment.