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  • The Main Building which includes a new sports complex and Sixth Form Concourse (comprising two theatres, Sixth Form student areas and a Dance studio) and all rooms on the first and second floor are accessible by lift. Note Rooms H17, 18 &19 on the third floor have no lift access.
    A portable Hearing Loop system is available on request in advance for use in performance spaces.
  • The Science Faculty is set on two storeys with the first floor accessible to wheelchair users via a lift situated in the entrance foyer of the DT building. Evacuation chairs are provided on this floor. All doors in the Science Faculty have full length vision panels to cater for the shorter pupil and visitor. All doors in this refurbishment have 900mm access doors to cater for easier wheelchair access. Clearer visibility demarcation between floor coverings and doorways has been introduced by lighter and darker shades.
  • The Design and Technology Area and Sports Pavilion. The DT department has three stories, only two of which are accessible to pupils. The third floor is out of bounds to pupils and has restricted access to staff. Access to the first floor is via a lift and stairs in the entrance foyer.
  • Wellington Sports Ground. There are in addition 34 acres of sports facilities, which is reached by vehicle at the Wellington Sports Ground, Stoneham Lane. A Hospitality space is available on the first floor but this has no wheelchair access. There is wheelchair access everywhere else and a disabled toilet on the ground floor.
    To provide wheelchair access to hospitality at Wellington the ground floor will be redeveloped in to a hospitality space.
  • Lovaton. This is the School’s rural study centre on Dartmoor which is reached by vehicular transport. There is wheelchair access to the cottage and refectory.