Events and Trips

Fieldwork Dates 2016-2017

  • II Year Trip to 'The Living Rainforest'. Tuesday 4th October 2016.
  • UVI Calshot Fieldtrip Monday 6th February 2017 (1pm to 5pm)
  • V, LVI, UVI Iceland Sunday 2nd to Thursday 6th April 2017
  • IV Fieldcourse to Osmington Bay, Dorset for all I.G.C.S.E. Students
    Friday 16th June to Sunday 18th June 2017.
  • LVI Fieldcourse to Slapton, Devon for all AS Geography Students
    Friday 7th to Monday 10th July 2017.


'Local Environment Study' (First Year)
As so many of our students live outside the city and commute into School each day, this fieldwork enables the students to take a closer look at the immediate surroundings of the School and to get out of the classroom. The work is normally carried out over a pair of lessons and students are taken to see the environment around 'Malmesbury road' just to the South of the School and to Kineton Road just to the North. Students carry out a comparative study of housing types; the environment and a traffic survey.
(see fieldwork photo galleries)

'Development of Southampton' (within the Extended Studies program).
As part of the Extended Studies program in the First Year, students undertake a four week unit on the development of Southampton. This is based on four Friday afternoon sessions and in this way all six forms are able to undertake all six units before the end of the academic year.

  • Week 1 - a brief introduction to the structure of the unit. Then the students look at the historical development of the city from Roman times up to around 1500AD via slides and overhead projections.
  • Week 2 - the students 'Walk the Walls' of Southampton. They are tasked to work for the Tourist Information Centre in Southampton with an aim to collect sufficient information by which to produce a poster or booklet on 'Historic Southampton'.
  • Week 3/Week 4 - the students are split into two groups with one group undertaking a minibus tour of the Port of Southampton' as a look at new developments in the city. The second group produces their poster or booklet as a result of walking the walls. In Week 4 the groups are rotated.
    (see fieldwork photo galleries)

IGCSE Fieldwork Students attend a residential fieldcourse at the end of the Summer term of their Fourth year which is held after the end of year examinations. The course takes place at the PGL Centre at Osmington Bay, Dorset. Members of the Geography Department staff are also resident during the course.

The course is aimed directly at the subject material covered in the two  years of the I.G.C.S.E. course and it is also an opportunity to consolidate work carried out during the first year of the course. It is an excellent opportunity for students to really immerse themselves in their Geography.

To see more details concerning the structure of the course and to look at some of the photographs taken during the recent course please follow the links. The dates for the course in Summer 2015 will be Thursday 2nd July to Sunday 5th July. (see here)

Sixth Form Fieldwork Fieldwork is an integral part of geographical studies in the sixth form. A range of fieldwork is undertaken both on a year group basis and on an individual class basis.

Year trips are taken to Malham (Lower Sixth) (Slapton, Devon from 2016-17) and to Calshot Spit (Upper Sixth). On top of this the school's location provides an ideal opportunity for class based fieldwork for coasts, rivers, services, settlement etc. All LVI 'AS' students undertake a days urban geography based in Southampton and a days coastal study based on the Dorset/Hampshire coastline.

Local Fieldwork Local fieldwork is something which the Department is very keen to promote at all levels within the School. This work really falls into two categories:

A. Fieldwork undertaken during class time
Whilst we are always keen to minimize the 'disruption' to colleagues in other Departments, it is possible to get students out during class time. Students can see a great deal in a double period, particularly with respect to the Human Geography of Southampton. Industry; housing; the structure of the CBD and the rural-urban fringe are all elements which lend themselves to such fieldwork.

B. Fieldwork which is carried out at other times
Below is a selection of recent fieldwork exercises carried out by Sixth Form students.

(i) Calshot Spit.
(ii) Hengistbury Head.
(iii) Lulworth Cove.
(iv) The Solent.