Health & Welfare

School Counsellor

The School Counsellor, who has had specialist training, offers a confidential service to pupils who wish to consult someone other than their tutor or another member of staff. Pupils may do this directly or after referral by their tutor. 

Annie is available on Tuesdays, Wednesday mornings (from 10.05am / P2) and Thursdays. Her room is situated next to the Medical Room. Pupils can pop in to see Annie, or they can confidentially book an appointment by clicking the green BOOK NOW button on the right of this page, or they can email / telephone Annie directly.

School Counsellor: Mrs Annie Davison 


Tel: 023 8079 9201 (direct and confidential answerphone)

This button leads to a confidential diary. Only you and Annie will be able to see the details of your appointment. The calendar will remove your choice of appointment from the page and make it invisible and unavailable for others.