Languages - Classics


UPPER SIXTH (2017-8 only)

Two modules are studied


A critical study of selected books of the Aeneid in its religious, political, cultural and social context. The topic requires study in the areas of Literature society and values philosophy, science and religion. The synoptic assessment will draw together knowledge, understanding and skills in these three areas. Candidates will be expected to link understanding of Roman society, religion and values to a comparativeanalysis and evaluation of the books of the Aeneid specified below. Candidates will be required to demonstrate knowledge, understanding and the ability to make a reasoned evaluation of

• the following text: - Virgil, Aeneid, tr. D.West, Penguin 2003 ISBN 978-0140449327, Books 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11 and 12

• the structure of the plot

• characterisation

• narrative and descriptive techniques and their effects (including use of flashback, similes and other imagery)

• themes

• the Homeric and Roman elements

• the religious, political, social and cultural context, including

– belief in fate and the gods

– the nature of human responsibility

– the roles of, and relations between, mortals and immortals, men and women, fathers and sons, Trojans, Greeks, Carthaginians and Italians

– concepts of heroism

– Aeneas’ and Rome’s destiny and mission

– the links between the Aeneid and the historical circumstances in which it was composed

– the values and cultural assumptions implicit in the Aeneid.