Languages - German

Course Information

GERMAN in the current First Year (Year 7) is studied as the chosen Core Modern Language by one form. This form will largely remain as a teaching set and can continue to study the language to IGCSE which will be taken in the Fifth Year (Year 11).

German can also be taken as an option from the Second Year (Year 8). At the end of the Third Year (Year 9), pupils can opt to continue the language to iGCSE taken at the end of the Fifth Year (Year 11).

All pupils taking iGCSE sit IGCSE examinations at the end of the Fifth Year (Year 11).

A Level courses in German are available in the Sixth Form to pupils who have achieved preferably a Grade A or A* at IGCSE or who have achieved standards of linguistic competence commensurate with those qualifications. Each set is taught by two teachers and six periods per week are allocated with each teacher (5 periods plus one Directed Study period in the Lower Sixth). In addition, each pupil has one session per week with the German Assistant. Pupils are expected to undertake approximately five hours per week of private study in addition to their timetabled commitments.

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