Remote Access

Remote access enables you to access files on the school network from other computers

This could be:

  • Your computer at home or in another remote location which would access your network files over the Internet.
  • A computer at school which you could connect up to access your files over the local area network (LAN).
  • A portable notebook which you use both at school to access your files over the LAN, and at home to access your files using the Internet.
  • A tablet (with touch screen) - using an appropriate App. See below.

Please email if you have issues with these remote access tools

Please note

Do inform us if you have problems accessing your data.

My Network Space

Simply log on using this address

You will get a screen similar to this. Enter your usual network username (prefixed with kes\) and password. 


You will presented with a web page that allows you to access network files that have been made available to you.This will work in Internet explorer, Firefox and Chrome.

Currently, My Network Space is not designed for touch screen devices; use apps like webDAV Nav for iPad

Touch Screen Devices 

Currently, My Network Space is not designed for touch screen devices. Users will usually need to download, install and and use a Webdav client suitable for their device, or follow specific advice for their device.

Apple IOS (iPad, iPhone)
Saving documents to WebDAV server

WebDAV Nav and Pages both allow interaction with WebDAV sites