Course Structure

The course commences in the final half term of the Lower Sixth, and is taught for two periods per week through until the end of the Autumn Term. The EP is open to all students, although those taking four subjects to A2 are advised to think carefully about the time commitment and seek advice from their tutor, subject teachers and Mrs Costello-Kelly.

In the first taught component of the EP the aim is to train students in the basic research, analysis and presentation skills that they will require to be successful in the completion of their project. Alongside this taught element, the students are required to develop and produce a reseach proposal, while maintaining a record of their activities towards the completion of their project.

Students will visit the Hartley Library for an introduction and familiarization with the resources made available through the University of Southampton, Learn with US program.

After visiting the library the work becomes more independent. The individual students, in consultation with their supervising teacher, set their own intermediate deadlines throughout the Spring term. This flexibility allows the students to manage their time effectively while taking account of the various coursework deadlines. The deadline for submission of the dissertation is the end of the Autumn term, with a draft likely to have been delivered shortly after the previous half term break. In exceptional circumstances extensions to the submission date may be granted.

Following submission of the dissertation the students will give a short, oral presentation on the topic of their project. This presentation will include a reflective element on their progress through the Extended Project course.