EP Resources

If you are interested in completing an EPQ you will have a much better success rate if you get started over the summer. Here's what you can do - each section includes a presentation to get you started.


Define your question - what exactly ARE you going to do your EPQ on?

Defining a question.ppt


You need to be making notes and also planning ahead - the presentation below explains what you are expected to record as you embark on your project.

Planning your Project and Recording your Progress.pptx


Once you've got a good idea of some search terms, you will need to find sources of information. The presentation below is a detailed guide to using more sophisticated search engines such as Google Scholar and JSTOR to find good quality academic articles.
Effective internet searches.pptx


Once you've gathered some materials, the main time will be spent reading and note taking. This is a skill in itself so the presentation below provides some tips:

Reading and note-taking.ppt

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