Sixth Form

Open Forum

Every Friday afternoon all members of the Upper Sixth gather in the Dobson Theatre for the Open Forum presentation. These presentations cover a variety of subjects of interest to all.

Past examples include a visit by an ex-convict, a recovering alcoholic and a demonstration by the Sports Science Department at Southampton University.

This term has already seen the return of some OEs who gave an enthusiastic talk about how they spent their gap year. This was perhaps in contrast with last week's talk by Hektor Krome who entertained the students with stories of how to travel and see the world on £1 a day!

Freddie Knoller, a concentration camp survivor, will be returning to KES in October after a memorable talk last year and a week later Bill Pirrie, the former Head of Essex traffic police will be sharing his experiences with the students.

Freddie Knoller, a survivor of both Belsen and Auschwitz concentration camps, talking to the Upper Sixth in October 2007. .



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