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University and Careers: Test for Mathematics for University Admission

The Test of Mathematics for University Admission is designed to give you the opportunity to demonstrate that you have the essential mathematical thinking and reasoning skills needed for a demanding undergraduate Mathematics or Mathematics-related course.

If you are applying to study Mathematics courses at Durham University, Lancaster University, the University of Warwick, the University of Sheffield or the University of Southampton, you are encouraged to take this test as part of your application. The test is not compulsory, however a good performance on this test may result in a reduced offer. You will also be able to share your results with the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) if you're applying to study Mathematics and Economics or Mathematics with Economics.

University and Careers: BMAT

Please note that from September 2017 there will be an additional test session. This will allow test-takers the opportunity to take BMAT and receive their results prior to making their UCAS application.

Students should note that Oxford does not accept the early test for a first degree and that the test will not be available at KES. There will be around 20 selected test centres in the UK (see link below).

You are still only able to take the test once during any test cycle.

University and Careers: TSA UCL(2019 Courses)

TSA UCL Admissions Test Home page.

A test required for students studying: -

Candidates applying for R990 European Social and Political Studies (ESPS) and R992 European Social and Political Studies (ESPS): Dual Degree at UCL. UCL will tell you if you need to sit the test. If in doubt, contact UCL’s Admissions Office.

University and Careers: Cambridge University Tests

Most applicants are required to take a written admissions assessment, either pre-interview or at interview.  In addition, some colleges ask applicants for some courses to submit examples of their 

Information about the relevant admission assessment and whether any Colleges typically require submitted work can be found in the Entry Requirements tab on each individual course page.

The course-specific written assessments are designed to supplement the information in your application and provide a gauge of your abilities – to assess skills (such as comprehension and thinking skills) and, where appropriate, levels of current knowledge and understanding relevant to the course applied for.

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