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All Recent Updates

Physics: Events and Opportunities

Smallpiece Trust "Momentum" courses for IGCSE and A-level students (Added 12th November 2019)

Suitable for years 10,11 and lower sixth, the courses linked below are worth considering for anyone interested in Physics.  There is one course for year 10 girls in particular who may be considering Physics and/or engineering as future study options at A-level or beyond.

Physics: News

Transit of Mercury 11/11/19

Many of the school's students were able to safely observe the rare celestial event of a transit of the planet Mercury across the face of the Sun on Monday.  Several members of the school Astronomy Society also brought in their own instruments to take advantage of the opportunity, including Adam Brodzki who took some excellent photos of the event.

Health & Welfare: Child Protection

The School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and all staff appointed to work at the School undergo child protection screening appropriate to the post.

The School's DSL is Mr Adrian Dellar, who is the Senior Deputy Head. Working alongside him are Mr Will Collinson (Assistant Head Pastoral) Deputy DSL and three other Child Protection Officers, Miss Hilary Smith (Assistant Head Co-curriculum), and Mrs Lisa Henderson (Head of Lower School). Mrs Henderson also acts as the designated teacher for looked after children. The School's Child Protection Governor is Dr Jane Mitchell.

If anyone has any child protection concerns regarding a member of the School then they should contact a member of the Child Protection team. All staff are aware that any child protection concerns must be passed to one of the Child Protection Officers as a matter of urgency. Concerns regarding suspected abuse or neglect will be made to Children's Services in the authority in which the child lives. A professional line is provided for School referrals but any individual may make a referral by contacting Children's Services using 02380 833336 (Southampton) or 0845 6035620 (Hampshire).

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