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All Recent Updates

Sport at KES: OE Talk

Every 2 years we invite Old Edwardians back to KES to speak to our Current and Aspiring 1st Team Sports Students. They talk about their time at school, coping with the pressure of examinations as well as high level sport. It provides the students with the determination to continue to be multi talented as well as how to effectively manage their time. The OE's were also able to give advice on the benefits of sport at University and the impact it has had on their lives. 

Many thanks to Daisy Porter, Alec Damley-Jones, Olivia Ellis, Rhodri Adamson and Will Thompson 2019

Publications: NEW Volume 1 Issue 3

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Despite the considerable road improvement of Stoneham Lane to the south of Wellington Sports Ground, there is still no footpath immediately to the north in the direction of the Concorde Club and Eastleigh. This means that the section of road north from Wellington to the new housing estate access road is closed to traffic when Eastleigh have a home fixture

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