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All Recent Updates

Clubs & Societies: Fencing Club

The Fencing Club has once again had a very successful year and we are delighted with the successes of our young fencers. This year has seen a growing number of fencers in the club and at times we have been bursting at the seams with students wishing to fence. Katya Sheath, one of our more experienced members, has recently passed her ‘Go Fence’ coaching qualification and has been an invaluable resource coaching the beginners, allowing the experienced club members more access to individual lessons. We have also continued with a successful link with our primary partnership school Springhill, who have participated in six taster sessions spread throughout the academic year.

Clubs & Societies: Clubs & Societies

Details of Clubs for Autumn 2020 are available below. Clubs will run within bubbles and start on Monday 7th September. Please keep an eye on the location as the staggered lunch break makes timetabling more tricky than usual. 

The Clubs available for pupils this term are shown below. Clubs run at lunchtimes and after school and there is no need to prebook, unless where stated. Pupils should turn up to the room below at the stated time. More information can be found on the individual club pages on the left hand side, or by emailling the member of staff listed, using their initials followed by

PSHE: PSHE Programme

We cover all aspects of personal, social, health and economic education and we continue to refer to this as PSHE. 

First Years have a timetabled PSHE lesson with their group tutor once per fortnight and additional time is available during group periods on a Wednesday morning. There is also a PSHE day, where topics that require specialist knowledge are covered. The PSHE curriculum is designed to complement the Extended Studies and Junior Science programmes.

In the Lower School (Second and Third Years) the PSHE programme is designed to complement the issues and topics covered by the academic subjects studied by all students. PSHE sessions are delivered by tutors during group period on a Wednesday and each year group has a PSHE day, where specialist areas are covered. There are also year group talks on bullying and then sex and relationships for the Second and Third Years respectively.

KETA Transport: FAQs

Q How can I apply for a place on a KETA Bus?

A If you are parent of KES pupil (or your son/daughter is joining in the forthcoming academic year) please complete the online Bus Registration Form

Q When will I know that a place has been allocated?

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