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All Recent Updates

Geography: Gallery

A key element to any fieldcourse are the photographs which are taken.  The links to the left show some of our more recent fieldtrips or click on the photo to be taken to a gallery.

V Fieldtrip October 2021

Geography: Geography

The Geography Department continues to strive to provide a high quality education for students and to offer a pleasant working environment for both its pupils and members of staff.

Our aim is to provide a balanced 'diet' of the various aspects of the subject and to get the very best out of our students. We want our students to have the opportunity to explore their own perception of the subject from the First year up to A' Level and beyond.

Music: London Mozart Players & KES Chamber Orchestra Concert 2021

KES Chamber Orchestra & London Mozart Players Side by Side Concert

The KES Chamber Orchestra comprises our most advanced and talented string players. This ensemble first formed as a Chamber Orchestra in 2018 under the baton of Miss Forsey with a drive to perform the best that string orchestral repertoire can offer. The ensembles first performance of this kind was with the Westminster Chamber Orchestra in October 2018. The ensemble spent the day experiencing exactly what a professional orchestral musician would do in a day of rehearsals and concerts. This proved so rewarding that we have returned to build on this with the renowned London Mozart Players.

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