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Sixth Form: Philosophy

Philosophy A Level presents a very new challenge. It is a subject which is designed to make you think. The course does involve some study of primary texts, some of which are challenging. Different aspects of the course may appeal to you. There is a wealth of resources in school, so speak to the department teachers if you would like to borrow anything. 

Recommended reading - not obligatory - to be explored according to your interest. Some pre-reading will be very beneficial to you when you begin your course. 

General Introduction

Sixth Form: Psychology

Task One

As Psychology is probably a new subject for you, we would like you to read a book of your choice which will give you a feel for the subject. You will find many psychological books in your local library or the school library, however two suggestions are given below:

1. Incognito by David Eagleman

Sixth Form: Politics

During the summer holiday you should look to keep yourself abreast of current affairs through reading the newspapers and dipping into websites such as that of the BBC.

We would like you to collect together during the holiday ten different newspaper articles. Read them carefully and bring them into school at the start of the Autumn term ready to discuss their content and importance. You should look for a articles that, taken together, will allow you to cover a range of policy areas and, also, both British and American politics.

Sixth Form: Music

A level music is a choice rich with performance and composition opportunity. In preparation for the OCR course we recommend you brush up your Grade V theory skills and make sure you are undertaking regular instrumental or vocal practise. You will need to ensure you have an instrumental teacher firmly in place for the start for the course, someone who knows you are taking A level music and can advise on repertoire choices along the way. We would also advise you to attend concerts and ensure you are comfortable with orchestral music and score reading. 

Pre A level Music Reading:

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