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All Recent Updates

PE and Sports Science: GCSE Student Resources

We use a range of resources during the two year GCSE course. The textbook we follow: see below.

The students also have a wide range of access to online support material plus a wealth of examination questions and clinics.

PE and Sports Science: The Written Task

Students will complete a written task focusing on one sporting activity.  They will:

  1. Observe a recent sporting performance either of their own or someone else
  2. Identify 2 strengths in the performance
  3. Identify 2 weaknesses in the performance
  4. Devise an action plan to improve the areas of weakness

The task is marked out of 25 with 15 available for the analysis and 10 available for the evaluation and action plan.

PE and Sports Science: PE and Sports Science

The department offers the students to take AQA GCSE and A level courses in Sports Science. The teaching members of the department are all enthusiastic as well as knowledgeable in their subject. 

This video gives information for 3rd years making their GCSE choices.

Duke of Edinburgh Award: DofE Enrolment

All year groups can enrol on this page - please ensure you select the right choices in the GoogleForms document and also select the correct KESpay payment.  We can only enrol participants when both enrolment and payment have been done.

Link to Google Forms DofE Enrolment 

Your enrolment covers a participant for the welcome pack, certificate and badge (on successful completion), maps, practice expedition, qualifying expedition, campsite fees (where applicable) assessment fees and use of loan equipment from the DofE store.  participants have to fund their own expedition food, walking boots, some personal equipment and clothing.

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