“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.” ― Pablo Picasso

 Kate Ward A2 study


Unquenchable Curiosity’ and ‘inventive imagination’ are the skills we would like all our students to come away from the department with.

The Art Department at King Edwards is an open and stimulating place in which to work.

The relaxed yet professional atmosphere encourages pupils of all ages to develop their creative capabilities in both formal and informal situations. We try to equip the students with a range of equipment to widen their skillset and find their niche. The department comprises a main painting studio, a dedicated Art computer suite running Adobe Creative Suite, print studio, VI form Studio, kiln room and office/subject library containing over 3,000 titles.

Our purpose-built studios are designed to facilitate an open and interactive learning environment. We try to operate, within reason, an ‘open door’ policy throughout the school day and beyond; and are proud to say that many students choose to spend their lunch hour using the space.

After school we run Architecture Society, Character Design Club and Life-Drawing for VI Form students; as well as partnership sessions with local primary schools.

 General Art Resources

- 4 printing presses. Albion press for Lino work. 3 for drypoint & collograph.
- 3 dimensional facilities including bandsaw, kiln, etc.
- Library with 3000 plus books with dedicated areas (Fine Art, Painters techniques, Art History)

- Visits to local and London Galleries

- Dedicated IT room with PCs and iMacs running full Adobe Creative Cloud. Film and flatbed scanners. Small Black and white Darkroom for processing and printing 35mm and 120 format.

Photographic Resources : A range of Soft boxes lights/ cameras from Pinhole to 5x4 available for student use.