Art Scholarship Electronic Portfolio

  1. Select the artwork you would like us to see. It can be finished artwork or sketches in a sketchbook. It could be digital, sculpture, ceramics or a favourite doodle. The most important thing for us is enthusiasm!
  2. Put the above selection in a well-lit area (ideally in daylight, outside or by a window).
  3. Using a mobile phone or iPad camera, carefully frame each piece of artwork and take the picture. If needed, use a plain background to help display your work better.
  4. Edit and crop the photographs as needed.
  5. We would recommend no more than 10 images.
  6. Please rename the images with a relevant title e.g. 'P. Picasso Image 1'. Alternatively, you could paste them all into a Word document making sure to include your name in the document title.
  7. Submit your artwork via email to

We really look forward to seeing your submissions.