Health and Safety

The policy of the Department is guided by the following principles.

The Departmental Health and Safety policy is complementary to the School and Faculty policies, and as such should be considered in conjunction with those documents.

The requirements of health and safety legislation, local, national and EC are constantly being updated, and whilst every effort is made to comply with the requirements, “best practice” should be applied in all situations.

It is the responsibility of the member of staff concerned to ensure that all health and safety requirements are adhered to at all times. If in doubt the process should be stopped.

All staff and pupils should be aware of the potential hazards involved in the many aspects of Art Department, and of their own responsibility towards the health and safety of themselves and others.

The effective management of safety for a school Art department can be seen as having four major components:

· Risk assessment and planning before a lesson.
· Organisation of routines during and between lessons.
· Control including risk assessments and planned maintenance.
· Monitor and reviewing as appropriate.


Staff are responsible for the implementation of, and adherence to the Health and Safety Policy.

The Head of Department has overall responsibility for Health and Safety in the Department and is also responsible for informing the school management as appropriate.

The Head of Department sits on the schools Health and Safety Committee.


In the department teachers are expected to follow the following guidelines:

· No unauthorised persons in the Department.
· No unsupervised pupils in the Department.
· When not in use the Department rooms should be kept locked.
· When a member of staff is not present in a workshop, machines must be isolated with power off.
· Only staff with the appropriate certification, qualification or experience are to operate machinery and/or processes or supervise pupils. Unqualified staff; i.e. on lesson cover, are not expected to supervise inappropriate practical tasks.
· Appropriate discipline should be maintained at all times.
· The Head of Department and Technician should be informed if any machinery is found to be defective in any way.
· No pupil to carry out any operation without; the permission of the teacher, appropriate training in the safe use of the equipment, appropriate supervision, and appropriate safety equipment being used.
· Only one pupil to operate a machine or piece of equipment at any one time, all other pupils must stand clear.
· All machines and equipment to be provided with conveniently located support equipment, together with associated safety equipment.
· Any relevant safety instructions /notices to be clearly displayed adjacent to the machine or process.
· All machinery and equipment to undergo regular maintenance, as per planned maintenance schedule.
· All staff and pupils must report any incident involving injury or accident. These must be treated appropriately, entered in the Incident Book (located in the Dept Office), brought to the attention of the Head of Department
· Principles of good classroom management must be observed at all times i.e.; Work-tops must be uncluttered and the floor free of obstruction.
· All fire and safety equipment and exits must be free of obstruction and operable at all times when the department is in use.
· The area must be left in a safe and tidy condition.

HEALTH AND SAFETY in the Art Department


To be put in sketch books

· No unsupervised pupils in the department.
· If you don’t know ASK!
· No pupil to use any tools or machinery without; the permission of the teacher, appropriate training in the safe use of the equipment, appropriate supervision.
· Only one pupil to operate a machine or piece of equipment at any one time, all other pupils must stand clear.
· Pupils must report any incident involving injury or accident, immediately to the teacher.
· Pupils must keep the studios and equipment clean, tidy and safe during lessons, and are responsible for clearing up at the end of a lesson.
· Pupils should be aware of the location of all fire and safety equipment and all exits.
· Any defects in machinery, equipment, lighting or equipment to be reported to the teacher or art technician.
· Pupils will be expected to adhere to school regulations in all respects. Pupils MUST wear art overalls whilst working in the department.
· Long hair must be tied back when carrying out practical aspects of the subject.
· Glue guns are hot and need to be used carefully and as instructed.
· No Students whatsoever are to use the bandsaw.
· The Kiln Room is out of bounds to students.

Copies of the above instructions are given to all pupils when they commence their course in Art. This is usually when pupils are first years, although students new to the school in any year will be given a copy. Periodically the pupil instructions may be changed, in which case a new set of instructions will be issued to all pupils studying the subject at that time.