You will find the following books in the library. 

Books that expand on module topics:

Marketing (Swift)
Accounting and Finance (Horner)
People and Organisations (Surridge)
Operations Managment (Harrison, Swift & Gillespie)
Competetive Environments & External Influences (Gillespie)
Objectives and Strategy (A Gillespie & Harrison)

Wider texts (A level standard):

Business Studies (Hall, Jones & Raffo)
Business Studies (Marcouse, GIillespie, Martin, Surridge & Wall)
Business Studies (Barratt & Mottershead)


A-Z Business Studies Handbook (Lines, Marcouse & Martin)
Business Review

Wider, general reading:

Liar's Poker (Michael Lewis)
The New, New Thing (Michael Lewis)
The Machine that Changed the World (Womack, Jones & Roos)
In Search of Excellence (Tom Peters)
Best-Laid Business Plans (Barrow & Branson)
Do Something Different (Wolff & Branson)
Against the Odds (James Dyson)
The Goal (Eliyahu Goldratt)
The Practice of Management (Peter Drucker)