Info for First Year Parents - 2020

King Edward’s supports a number of local, national and international charities and community service projects. Last year alone, the students managed to raise just under £10,000 for charity, and we endeavour to be as successful this year.

Because the first term can be confusing enough, we thought it a good idea to let you know what’s happening and what you might need to do, so you don’t have any difficult ‘I need an outfit!’ conversations the night before an event.

Friday 25th September 2020: Non-Uniform Day

The money raised from this non-uniform day will be donated to Marine Conservation Society. Pupils will still need to be dressed appropriately for school, and this includes proper shoes for negotiating corridors and laboratories. Pupils are asked to donate £1, which is collected by their tutor during Group Base first thing in the morning. If we could ask that they bring the exact change due to COVID, this will be most helpful.

At break time: Krispy Kreme Donut Sale – these also cost £1. All proceeds will go towards School’s Sixth Form Charity camps. Exact change is also required for payment.

Monday 19th October 2020: First Year Toy Appeal Fun Run

This happens at lunchtime and pupils do a (short) run around the school site dressed as a toy. We ask them to raise sponsorship for this. The money raised will go towards providing Christmas presents for Southampton families who can’t afford them. It’s a brilliant event for the First Year pupils and quite a spectacle for the rest of the School. There will also be an assembly for the First Years on Wednesday the 30th of September to provide further information. For inspiration please have a look: Here

Due to COVID, we will be asking for the students to only bring in costumes that they can fit over their games kit, and if possible to be easily packed away in their bags.

Friday 20th November 2020: Krispy Kreme Sale

Break time: Krispy Kreme sale for Portsmouth Down Syndrome Association. Donuts will cost £1. Exact change required.

Friday 27th November 2020: Non-uniform Day (TBC)

The money raised from this non-uniform day will be donated to the Sixth Form Charity Projects. £1 – exact change required.

Friday 11th December 2020: Christmas Jumper Day – Save the Children

The whole School is invited to wear a festive jumper along with their School uniform in aid of Save the Children. Students will be required to bring along £1 if they wish to get involved and this will be collected during group base just like a non-uniform day.

Monday 14th- 16th of December 2020: Christmas Stalls

Charities Commission will be selling festive gifts that students can buy for their friends and family. All proceeds will go towards the Sixth Form Charities projects.

Your son/daughter will be given lots of information about all of these events, but if you have any questions, please refer to this webpage or get in touch with your child’s tutor, or myself.

Yours sincerely,

Miss McGinn

Charities Co-ordinator