Portsmouth Down Syndrome Association Partnership

KES/PDSA Partnership

We have now kicked off our brand new partnership with Portsmouth Down Syndrome Association. Our aim is for the PDSA teen group and our KES students to develop and build a friendship over the course of the year. Our students have already undergone CPD training on 'how to be a friend to someone with Down syndrome' and have been to a Halloween party, indoor rock climbing and swimming together. 

We recently hosted our first ever activities week partnership - and what an amazing success it was! Our students planned an exciting week of activities, which included sports, cake decorating, art and music at KES, a visit to Marwell and Paultons Park, and a day of rounders and films at our Wellington site. Wonderful friendships were made and we are already looking forward to our next meet. The week was funded by our students, who took part in a number of fundraising activities, and by our 'Rock Your Socks' day here at KES. 

We are so proud of our students - they are a real credit to themselves, the school and the wider community. 

We also thank the PDSA Teen Group and their parents - they were absolutely wonderful and engaged so well with the week. 

The Great South Run 

Portsmouth DSA: Championing Inclusion

We are committed to improving the lives of children and families in Portsmouth, Hampshire and beyond. We know our young people can succeed when given the opportunity and with the right support, and we believe they deserve the same opportunities and right to experience success as their peers. Portsmouth DSA provides a range of some of the best specialist services in the UK supporting development and education, and offers training to assist families and professionals in providing effective support from the point of diagnosis, helping to teach children the skills they need to reach their developmental milestones, succeed at school, and become valued and productive members of their communities. When children with Down syndrome are given opportunities to participate and be fully included, the whole community benefits.