PDSA - Staying in Touch during Coronavirus Outbreak

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I hope all is well you and your son/daughter.

A quick congratulations to the new incoming Portsmouth Down Syndrome Association team and a thank you to the ones who are staying on to help with us for another year.

We would love to say a quick video ‘hello’ the PDSA teen group – the students could just video themselves saying a quick introduction and a few things that they have been up to. I will then collate these together and publish privately on YouTube. This can then be sent via the PDSA charity to the parents of the teen group to watch. They will be instructed that they are not to use this for anything other than showing their children. This is lovely way to stay in touch and the PDSA teen group will love seeing them all. We sent a video during the first lockdown and it had such a big impact.

Please note that your son/daughter should not feel obliged to do this, and if they do decide to, it only needs to be a minute or so.

I have already met with them and they know how to send the video to me.

As the group is all over 12 years of age, your son/daughter's consent is enough for this. However, we would appreciate if you, as parents, were able to talk this through with your child and BOTH give your consent via the form below.

Many thanks,

Mr Miller

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Parents/Guardians:- Do you agree with this statement?:
“After discussing with my son/daughter, we both consent to my son/daughter recording a one-minute video for the purposes of King Edward VI School sharing this, via a private YouTube link with the PDSA Charity, with the sole intention of it being shared with the parents for a private showing with their children. The PDSA charity will make it clear that this is to be the case and it must not be shared with anyone else.” *
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