Typical Itinerary

During the week the children experience a wide range of activities. The activities are carefully selected so that they are usually completely new experiences to the majority of the children.

Friday U6th Team travel to Tile Barn campsite and build and prepare the Camp.


12.30 Young Carers and L6th students arrive at the campsite, unpack, have lunch

14.30 Afternoon at the beach with games and sandcastle building

18.00 BBQ at the campsite, followed by games


10.30 Head to Moors Valley for ‘Go Ape’ and then nature trail

16.30 Arrive back at camp

18.00 Supper at the campsite, followed by games


10.30 Games in the New Forest

12.00 Picnic lunch

13.00 Visit to Lymington Sea Baths

18.00 Fish and Chip supper


10.30 Monkey World

16.00 Return to the camp site for preparation for Talent Night

19.00 BBQ at the campsite and Talent Night


10.00 Pack up camp

12.00 Head into a new area of the New Forest for games, a picnic lunch and circle time

15.00 Arrive back at the school