Clubs & Societies

Clubs & Societies

 Please see the Sports pages for details of Sports practices and fixtures.

We would like all of our students to participate regularly in TWO co-curricular activities: which two will you do this term?

If you would like to join any of these clubs you can just turn up, or listen out for the Notices in the Monday assemblies for up to date information. If you have any queries about a particular club , then please contact the member of staff listed below, or Mrs Burrows (

Club, ActivityDayTimeLocationStaffAvailable to:
Art PartnershipsMonday4.00pmArt DeptNAMUpper School
Art-Character Design ClubTuesday4.00pmArt DeptAPMLower School
Athletics ClubMonday4.00pmSchool FieldALPAll Years
Badminton ClubWednesday1.00pmSports HallCAL/SEAll Years
BeekeepingFriday1.20pmM9/the roofPJR, SDG, CEG & AJSAll Years
Byron SocietyBy arrangement
Commemoration RoomSJS, CEG & PSWSixth Form and Upper School
Cactus ClubMonday1.30pmCL3CEGAll Years
Charities CommissionTuesday1.00pmL13RLH/RSKUpper School
Charities Commission - Lower SchoolTuesday1.00pmL12JAT/LADLower School
Chemistry ClinicTuesday1.00pmC1ELT/ELSThird, Fourth and Fifth Years
Chess ClubMonday, Wednesday ,Thursday ,FridayLunchtimeM5ESR/PDCAll Years
Christian UnionWednesday1.30pmE6PJR & CSASixth Form & Upper School
Classical SocietyFriday1.30pmCL5JMMAll Years
Coding ClubWednesday4.00pmIT5PJMFirst and Second Year
Computing SocietyBy arrangement1.00pmIT6PJMSixth Form & Upper School
Dance ClubFriday1.00pmDance StudioMiss FaulknerAll
Dance - BalletMonday4.00pmDance StudioSTJBAll
Dance - TapTuesday1.00pmDance StudioHWJAll
Dance - StreetdanceWednesday1.00pmDance StudioLCAll Years
Debating & Public Speaking SocietyThursday4.00pmE1RSCSixth Form and Upper School
Debating & Public Speaking Society - Lower SchoolMonday1.30pmE1RSCLower School
Digital LeadersFriday1.00pmIT4MPWBy invitation
DivSocMonday A week1.15pmHosp. SuiteWECAll welcome
Economics SocietyFriday Week B1.25pmH3NDCSixth Form and Upper School
Economics Discussion GroupThursday Week A04:05H3NDCSixth Form
English SocietyThursday1.30pmE6AJSSixth Form & Fifth Year
Film ClubFriday1.00pmCL3ETLAll
First Aid ClubMonday4.05pmE2LJDAll Years (Except First Year)
Fitness RoomBy arrangement1.05pmFitness RoomMGM, CSC & ALPSixth Form Members
French Conversation ClubTuesday/Thursday1.00pmL1AssistantsFifth Year/Fourth Year
German ClubTuesday1.00pmL7KRJLower School
Greek ClubFriday1.00pmCL5JMMLower School
Green TeamFriday1.00pmL12EFBAll Years
GreenpowerWednesday4.00pmDTDTBAll Years
Harry Potter SocietyWednesday (Fortnighty)4.00pmE2RSCLower School
Highfield Philosophy ClubMonday1.00pmHighfield PrimaryTHTThird Years
Historical SocietyThursday Week A1.30pmH3KPCAll Years (Mainly Sixth Form attend)
InterfaceFriday1.00pmM10JHHSLower School
JapaneseWednesday B Beginners1:00pmL2GSPLAll Years
Kayak and Canoe ClubWeekends, by arrangementAll DayVariousDTB & ECWAll Years
Lego ClubThursday1.00pmIT4RLWLower School
Linguistics at Lunch (English Language)Tuesday Week A1.30pmE4AAGAll Years
Linguistics OlympiadFriday1.00pmCL7SLLUpper School and Sixth Form
Lunar SocietyWednesday once a month4.00pmCommemoration RoomLJHSixth Form
MedSocThursday4.00pmP2LSDMSixth Form
Maths Clinic 2nd YearMonday1.00pmM1JATAny Second year pupils
Maths Clinic 3rd YearTuesday1.00pmM1RPNAny Third Year pupils
Maths Clinic 4th YearThursday1.00pmM1RPNAny Fourth Year pupils
Maths Clinic 5th YearWednesday1.00pmM1JATAny Fifth Year pupils
Music - Flute ChoirMonday1.00pmMu1CSAll
Music - Orchestral SectionalsMonday1.00pmMu2HF/IMAOrchestral Players
Music - Big BandMonday1.20pmRecital RoomTCVarious by audition
Music - Cappella ChoirTuesday1.00pmRecital RoomIMASecond years and above
Music - Chamber OrchestraMonday4.00pmHallHFVarious by audition
Music - Wind BandTuesday4.00pmRecital RoomIMAVarious by audition
Music - Rock AcademyTuesday4.00pmMu3HKAll
Music - First Year ChoirWednesday1.15pmRecital RoomIMAFirst Year Girls
Music - Grade V TheoryWednesday4.00pmMu2DEAll
Music - Swing BandWednesday1.00pmRecital RoomJMRBLower School
Music - SinfoniaThursday4.00pmMu3SSAll
Music - Chamber ChoirThursday4.00pmRecital RoomIMAVarious by audition
Music Technology ClubFriday1.00pmMU1SDZAll
PaddleboardingBy arrangement4.00pmSWACPEBFirst - Fourth Years
Philosophy SocietyMonday Week B1.30pmH4HEMSSixth Form
Photography ClubThursday1.00pmM9PJR/YDW/ELT/PSAll Years
Ping Pong STEM ClubWednesday4.00pmIT6PJMAll Years
Politics SocietyMonday1.25pmH3RKPUpper School and Sixth Form
PolyglotsThursdays by arrangement1.30pmL7SLLUpper School and Sixth Form
Psychology SocietyTuesday13:30H7RJMSixth Form and Fifth form
Rhythmic Gym Club - First YearMonday1.00pmDance StudioEWFirst Year
Rhythmic Gymnastics ClubThursday4.00pmDance StudioEWAll Years
Sailing ClubWeekends: see website for detailsvariousSouthampton Water Activities CentrePEBAll Years - but must have signed up and joined the sailing club
Sanskrit ClubMonday1.00pmCL4JMMSixth Form & Upper School
Scamp ClubTuesday1.30pmCL3CEGAll Years
School CouncilTuesday Week A1.00pmH10HMSAll Years
Science - Crest AwardWednesday1.05pmJ2ELT & CLCThird & Fourth Year
Science - Exoplanet ClubFriday1.15-2.00pmJ2MMSecond & Third Years
Sewing ClubWednesday1pmDTNAMAll
Spanish Bilingual clubWednesday1pmL11EML and AssistantsAll
Springhill Language ClubMonday4.00pm
Stage CrewThursday1.00pmDobson Theatre / ArtAPM/JACAll welcome
Student RoboticsThursday (from October)4.00pmIT6PJMSixth Form
Technology ClubFriday1.30pmDTHS/SJPLower School
Tennis GirlsMondays4.05pmAstroHEMS, SE,JMB, KJFirst, Second, Third and Fourth Year Girls
Ukulele ChoirFriday1.05pmP4LJHAll Years
WargamingThursday4.00pmJ2SDGLower School
Young EnterpriseMonday4.00pmH2SQLower Sixth

Guidance for students using iPads to plan attendance at Clubs and Societies:

We recommend that once a student has made a regular commitment to a club or society that they add it on an event in their Calendar. They can choose the day on which the club or society runs, add in if it repeats (say every week) and then set a reminder alert so that they do not forget to attend.

Mrs P.E. Burrows September 2017