Clubs & Societies

Clubs & Societies

We would like all of our students to participate regularly in TWO co-curricular activities: which two will you do this term?

Please see the Sports pages for details of Sports practices and fixtures in the major school team sports.

If you would like to join any of these clubs you can just turn up, or listen out for the Notices in the Monday assemblies for up to date information. If you have any queries about a particular club , then please contact the member of staff listed below, or Mr Kent (

Mr D Kent September 2019

 Club / Activity Day Time Location Staff Open to


Art-Character Design Club Wednesday 4.00pm Art Dept APM Lower School
Art -GCSE Open Studio Thursday 4.05pm Art Dept ETL Upper School
Art Open Studio Monday 1.05pm Art Dept NAM All Years


Charities Commission - Upper School Tuesday 1.00pm L10 APM Upper School
Charities Commission - Lower School Wednesday 1.00pm L9 JAT Lower School


Classical Society Friday 1.30pm CL5 JMM All Years
Greek Club Friday 1.00pm CL5 JMM All Years
Sanskrit Club Wednesday 1.00pm CL4 JMM Sixth Form & Upper School


Dance Club Thursday 1.00pm Dance Studio STJB All
Dance - Ballet Monday 4.00pm Dance Studio STJB All

Design & Technology

Ceramics Wednesday 4.00pm Art HS Sixth form and Upper School
Technology Club Thursday 1.30pm DT SJP Lower School

Economics & Business

Economics Society Friday Week B 1.25pm H3 NDC Sixth Form and Upper School

English & Drama

Book Club Wednesday 1.15pm Library CAL Lower School
Byron Society By arrangement
Commemoration Room SJS, CEG & PSW Sixth Form and Upper School
Creative WritingWednesday1.30 pmE1SEAll Years
Debating -JuniorThursday1.30pmE1HLGLower School
Debating - Senior Tuesday 4.00pm E1 HLG & BTPR Upper School , Sixth Form
Drama - Junior Drama Club Friday 1.00pm Dobson Theatre HGH First & Second Years
Journalism Club Wednesday 1.00pm E1 EBR All Years
Literary SocietyFriday Week A1.30pmE6AJS / BTPRSixth Form
PlaywrightingFriday4.00pmE2HKAUpper School & Sixth Form
Stage Crew Thursday 1.00pm Dobson Theatre / Art APM/JAC All welcome
Timeless ReadsThursday Week B monthloy1.30pmE1EMC, DWFSixth Form

General Interest

Astronomy Society TBC TBC TBC RSS All Years
Beekeeping Friday 1.30pm M9/the roof CEG, PJR, SDG, ELS & AJS, HD All Years
Cactus Club Monday 1.35pm CL2 CEG All Years
Chess Club Thursday 1.00pm M1 HD All Years
Cookery Club Monday 4.00pm Dining Room HEMS & PS All
Counsellor Drop In Anyday Anytime; Appointments available Medical Room AD Anyone
DivSoc Monday A week 1.30pm E1 WEC All welcome
First Aid Club Monday 4.05pm E2 LJD All Years (Except First Year)
Green Team Friday Week A 1.30pm L9 EFB All Years
Greenpower Monday 4.00pm DT DTB All Years
InterfaceFriday1.05 pmS2JHHSLower School
Mindfulness Wednesday 1.00pm Commemoration Room AD All
Photography Club Thursday 1.00pm S1 PJR, YDW, PS, ELT All Years
RocketryAs AnnouncedAs AnnouncedAs announcedPJR  RSSAs Announced
School Council Friday week B 1.00pm Lecture Room DK All Years
Scamp Club Tuesday 1.35pm CL2 CEG All Years
Sewing Club Thursday 1pm - 2pm DT NAM All
Shooting 3rd Wednesday of each month evening Off Site PJM All
Sustainability Half Termly TBC L9 EFB TBC
The LyceumFriday Week A1.00 pmH4THTAll years
Ukelele ChoirMonday1.05 pmP4LJHAll Years
Wargaming Thursday 4.00pm J2 SDG All Years


Geography Green Club Tuesday Week A 1.00pm H8 LJG, EFB, TLK, AHP Lower School
Geography Society Thursday Week B 1.30pm H7 DMB Upper School & Sixth Form

History & Politics

Historical Society Thursday Week A 1.30pm H3 DWF All Years (Mainly Sixth Form attend)
History Club - Lower School Wednesday 1.00pm H18 RKP Lower School
Politics Society Monday 1.25pm H3 RKP Upper School and Sixth Form


Digital Leaders Friday 1.00pm IT5 MPW/RLW By invitation
RoboticsTBC4.00pmCO1PJMSixth Form & Upper School

Religious Studies

Christian Union Tuesday 1.00pm M9 PJR, CSA Sixth Form & Upper School


Lower School Maths ClinicWednesday1.00M7LMMLower School
Upper School Maths ClinicMonday1.00M1JATUpper School

Modern & Foreign Languages

French Conversation Club Wedneday/Thursday 1.30pm L8 Assistants All Years
German Club Wednesday 1.00pm L10 RLH All Welcome
Italian - Lower School Tuesday (after half term) 1.00pm L4 SRP Lower School
Italian - Conversation Thursday (after half term) 4.05pm L4 SRP Upper School
Japanese Wednesday 1:00pm L2 GSPL All Years
GCSE JapaneseTuesday1.15 pmL1GSPLGCSE Students
Linguistics Olympiad Friday 1.00pm L5 KRJ Upper School and Sixth Form
Mandarin (Beginners) Tuesday 1.00pm L5 HXD Lower School
Mandarin (Continuation) Tuesday 1.30pm L5 HXD Lower School
Mandarin (Older) Tuesday 4.05pm4.00pm L5 HXD Upper School & Sixth Form
Polyglots Once a Term
L6 KRJ Upper School and Sixth Form
Spanish Bilingual club Wednesday 1pm L3 EML All
Spanish Conversation Club Monday and Tuesdays 1pm L3 VBP/MRH Fourth and Fifth Year


Music - Big Band Tuesday 1.25pm Recital Room TC By audition
Music - Chamber Orchestra Wednesday 4.00pm Recital Room CEF All year groups
Music - Chamber Choir Thursday 4.00pm Recital Room TJH Various by audition
Music - Grade V Theory Thursday 4.00pm Mu1 SS All
Music - Flute Quintet Monday 1.30pm Mu3 CS By audition
Music - Swing Band Wednesday 1.00pm Recital Room JMRB All
Music - First Year Choir Tuesday 1.00pm Mu3 TJH Lower School
Music -Recorder Consort Monday 1.00pm Recital Room CEF BY Audition
Music - Rock Academy Tuesday 4.00pm Music Department HK All
Music- Senior Choir Friday 1.00pm Recital Room CEF 2nd year and above
Music - Sinfonia Thursday 1.20pm Recital Room TJH Lower School
Music - String Quartet Wednesday 1.00pm MU2 CEF By Audition
Music - Soul Band Tuesday 4.00pm Recital Room TC By Audition
Music - Symphony Orchestra Monday 4.00pm Recital Room CEF By Audition
Music Tech Club Friday 1.00pm Mu1 SDZ All welcome


Highfield Reading Scheme Tuesday 1pm-2pm Highfield Primary JLG and EBR 5th Years and VI Form
Highfield Philosophy Club Monday/Tuesday 1.00pm Highfield Primary THT / DGDF Third Years
Springhill Reading Scheme Monday 1.00pm Springhill Junior School JMAH Sixth Form & Upper School
Springhill Science Club Monday 4.00pm J1 MKM Sixth Form & Upper School
Wordsworth ScienceMonday4.00 pmJ1JNCSixth Form & 5th


5th Yr Chemistry Clinic Monday 1.00 pm C1 JNG/VAG Fifth Year
4th Yr Chemistry ClinicTuesday1.00 pmC1ELS/ELTFourth Year
3rd Yr Chemistry ClinicThursday1.00 pmC1CLCK/SGDThird Year
6th Form Chemistry ClinicFriday1.00 pmC1LAD/CLCKSixth Form
Lunar Society Thursday 1.30pm P5 LJH Sixth Form
MedSoc Thursday 4.00pm B1 LSDM Sixth Form
Psychology Society Tuesday by arrangement 1.30pm H7 RJM Sixth Form and Fifth form
Science - Crest Award Wednesday 1.00pm J2 RJC & CLCK Third - 6th Form
Science - Junior Science Club Thursday 1.10pm J1 LAD First & Second Years

Sport (for major teams sports see for fixture details & for practice schedule)
Basketball Club Tuesday 4.00pm Sports Hall SJS Lower School
Cricket - Lower SchoolThursday4.00 pmSports HallADP1st, 2nd 3rd year
Cricket - SeniorsThursday5.30 - 7.00 pmSports HallADP4th, 5th and 6th form
Fitness Room By arrangement 1.05pm Fitness Room MGM, CSC & ALP Sixth Form Members
Football - Sixth Form Monday 4.05pm Field, All Weather Pitch DMB Sixth Form
Hockey - Indoor (Girls and Boys) Wednesday & Friday 1.20pm Sports Hall CSC Sixth Form & Fifth Year
Kayak and Canoe Club Weekends, by arrangement All Day Various DTB & ECW All Years
MTB Club Alternate Tuesdays & Monthly Rides 4.00pm Lecture Room PRCB Upper School & Sixth Form
Sailing Club Weekends and evenings Various Southampton Water Activities Centre HS All Years - but must have signed up and joined the sailing club
Table Tennis Club (Juniors) Monday 4.00pm Table Tennis room JHHS Lower School
Trampolining Club Monday 1.00pm Sports Hall LGC RAH Sixth Form, Upper School & Third Year

Mr D Kent September 2019