Clubs & Societies

Clubs & Societies

Details of Clubs for Autumn 2020 are available below. Clubs will run within bubbles and start on Monday 7th September. Please keep an eye on the location as the staggered lunch break makes timetabling more tricky than usual. 

The Clubs available for pupils this term are shown below. Clubs run at lunchtimes and after school and there is no need to prebook, unless where stated. Pupils should turn up to the room below at the stated time. More information can be found on the individual club pages on the left hand side, or by emailling the member of staff listed, using their initials followed by

Please see the Sports pages for details of Sports practices and fixtures in the major school team sports.

Mrs P E Burrows 4th September 2020

ClubDayTimeLocationStaffOpen to
Art-Character Design ClubThursday4.00pmArt DeptAPMFirst Years
Astronomy SocietyTBC4.00pmOutdoorsRSSSecond and Third Years 
Badminton ClubThursdayLunchtimeSports HallCAL/SEUpper School
Basketball ClubTuesday4.15pmSports HallFMSecond and Third Years
Cactus ClubMonday1.35pmCL3CEGAll years on rotation
Charities Commission - Upper schoolMonday12:30pmE5/6JMBWUpper School
Charities Commission - Sixth FormMonday12:30pmE7APMSixth Form
Charities Commission - Lower SchoolWednesday1.00pmM1JATSecond and Third Years
Chemistry ClinicWednesday12.00pmC1ELT/ELSUpper School
Week A - 5th
Week B - 4th
Chemistry Drop inFriday12.30pmC1LADSixth Form
Chess ClubFriday from 2nd October1.30pmM1ESRFirst Year
Christian UnionTuesday12:00pmS1 & S2PJR, CSAUpper School and Sixth Form in adjacent rooms
Classical SocietyFriday12.30pmCL5JMMSixth Form
Cookery ClubTuesday4.00pmDining RoomHEMS & PS Fourth years - must sign up in advance with PS or HEMS
Creative Writing Thursday4.00pmE1SELower School
Creative Writing and JournalismThursday Week B4.00pmE3EJRUpper School
Dance - Ballet ClubMonday4.00pmDance StudioSTJB
Dance ClubThursday1.00pmDance StudioSTJB
Debating & Public Speaking SocietyTuesday4.00pmE2HLG/ BTPRUpper School and Sixth Form
Junior Debating ClubThursday4.00pmE2HLGLower School and First Year
Digital LeadersFridayTBCIT4MPWAll
DivSoc/MHCMonday12.30pmE3WECSixth Form
Drama - Lower School Drama ClubMonday1.00pmDobson TheatreHenry GSecond and Third Years. Please sign up with LAG
Drama - 1st Year Production ClubWednesday4.00pmDobson TheatreHGHFirst Years Please sign up - you will get details on monday
Economics Discussion GroupTuesday Week B4.00pmH3NDCSixth Form
Economics SocietyFriday Week A12.30pmH3NDCSixth Form
Football - Sixth FormMonday4.05pmField, All Weather PitchDMBSixth Form
French Conversation ClubTuesday12.30pmL1Assistants Sixth Form
French ClubTuesday Thursday12.00pmL8AssistantsUpper School
Geography SocietyThursday week B12.30pmH7DMBSixth Form
German Film KlubFriday12.30pmL11MJGUpper School
German Conversation ClubFriday1.00pmL11FLAUpper School and Sixth Form
Green TeamFriday12.30pmL9EFBSixth Form and Upper School on alternate weeks
Historical SocietyThursday Week A1.30pmH3NJDSixth Form
Hockey - Indoor (Girls and Boys)Wednesday & ThursdaySee noticeboardSports HallCSCAll - see notice board for details
Italian ClubMonday Week B1.30pmL4SRPSecond Years
GCSE JapaneseThursdayWeek A - 11:55-12:35
Week B 12:35-13:10
L1GSPLUpper School
Linguistics OlympiadTuesday12.10pmL5AJMSUpper School and Sixth Form
LitSoc - Booker PrizeFriday Week BTBCTBCAJS/BTPRSixth Form
LitSoc- Upper SchoolFriday Week B12.30pm
AJCUpper School
Lunar SocietyMonday4.00pmHosp. SuiteLJHSixth Form
MandarinTuesday1.30pmL5HXDLower  School
MandarinTuesday4.00pmL5HXDUpper School
Mandarin - BeginnersTuesday1.00pmL5HXDFirst Years
MedSocTuesday4.00pmM5LSDMSixth Form
MindfulnessMonday4.00pmTBCAD/HDSixth Form
MTB ClubAlternate Tuesdays & Monthly Rides4.00pmLecture RoomPRCBUpper School
Music - Senior Flute ChoirMonday1.30pmMu3CS
Music - Sinfonia First YearMonday1.30pmRecital RoomTJHFirst Year
Music - Chamber EnsemblesMonday & Thursday4.00pm & 1.30pmMu2&3CEF
Music - Sinfonia Second & Third YearMonday4-4.45pmRecital RoomTJHSecond & Third Year
Music - Sinfonia Fourth YearMonday4.45-5.15pmRecital RoomTJHFourth Year
Music - Soul BandTuesday12.30pmRecital RoomTC
Music - First Year ChoirTuesday1.30pmDobsonTJHFirst Year
Music - Big BandTuesday4.00pmRecital RoomTC
Music - Rock AcademyTuesday4.00pmMu2&3HK
Music - Grade V TheoryTuesday4.00pmMu1SS
Music - Swing Band Third YearWednesday Week A1.00pmRecital RoomJMRBThird Year
Music - Swing Band Second YearWednesday Week B1.30pmRecital RoomJMRBSecond Year
Music - Chamber Orchestra (strings only)Wednesday4.00pmRecital RoomCEF
Music - Chamber Choir Fourth YearThursday Week A4-4.40pmRecital RoomTJHFourth Year
Music - Chamber Choir Fifth YearThursday Week A4.40-5.15pmRecital RoomTJHFifth Year
Music - Chamber Choir Sixth FormThursday Week B4.00pmRecital RoomTJHSixth Form
Music - Choir Fourth YearFriday12.35pmRecital RoomCEFFourth Year
Music - Choir Second YearFriday1.35pmRecital RoomCEFSecond Year
Paddleboard ClubSunday Morningssee websiteSWACPEBAll year groups, on a bubble rotation. Pupils must sign up in advance.
Photography ClubMonday1.00pmS1PJR, YDWSecond and Third Years
Politics SocietyMonday12.25pmH3RKPSixth Form
PolyglotsThursday termly12.30pmL6VariousSixth Form
Psychology SocietyTuesday week A12.30pmH7RJMSixth form
Sailing ClubWeekends and eveningsvariousSouthampton Water Activities CentrePEBAll year groups, to run on a bubble rotation. Pupils must join the sailing club first
Sanskrit ClubMonday12.10pmCL4JMMSixth Form
Scamp ClubTuesday Week A1.35pmCL3CEGUpper School
School CouncilFriday Week B10.55amHospitalityPEBBy election. Meetings to be held on Zoom
Science - Crest AwardWednesday1.00pmJ2RJC & CLCKFirst Second and Third Years
Science - Junior Science ClubThursday1.20pmJ1MKMFirst Years
Sewing ClubThursday week B1.00pmDTNAMLower School
spanish conversation clubTuesday and Wednesday12.30pmL3VBP-MHRUpper School
Spanish Clinic

SustainabilityTuesdays by arrangement4.00pmL9EFBSixth Form
Table Tennis Club (Juniors)Monday4.00pmTable Tennis roomJHHSFirst Years from 14th September
Technology ClubThursday1.30pmDTSJP
Theatre ClubMonday12.30pmTwiggLAGUpper School and Sixth Form
Tycoon CompetitionMonday from 14th Sept4.00pmH1SQLower Sixth
WargamingThursday4.00pmJ2/J1SDGLower School and Upper School in adjacent rooms