Clubs & Societies

Clubs & Societies

School Closure and Clubs.  We are pleased to be offering a number of clubs during lockdown. Keep checking this page as it is constantly being updated, new clubs for this term are show in the first table. More information can be found by emailing the member of staff listed.

Lockdown Clubs 

ClubDayTime LocationStaffYear Group
Book Chat - Lower SchoolWednesday1.00-2.00pmZoomLESFirst, Second and
Third Years
Book Chat - Upper SchoolFriday1.30pmZoomLESUpper School
Book Chat - Sixth FormFriday1.00pmZoomLESSixth Form
Character Design ClubWeekly briefs emailed - no specific day.

N/AAPMLower School
Charities Commission - 
Upper School & Sixth Form
Monday1.30pmZoomAPMUpper School and
Sixth Form
Charities Commission - 
Lower School
Wednesday1.45pmZoomJATLower School
Chess ClubFridayLunchtimeZoomESRAll
Classical SocietyFriday1.30pmZoomJMMAll
Cookery ClubTuesday4.00pmZoomHEMS & PSFourth Year
Creative Writing - 
Upper School
Thursday4.00pmZoomEBRUpper School
Debating & Public
Speaking Society
Tuesday4.00pmZoomHLGUpper School and 
Sixth Form
Doodle ClubMonday1.30pmZoomJNCSecond Year
French FunThursday4.00pmZoomAssistantsFirst Year
French Support - 
Lower School
Wednesday4.00pmZoomAssistantsLower School
French Support - 
Upper School
& Thursday
1.30pmZoomAssistantsUpper School
French DebatingTuesday1.30pmZoomAssistantsSixth Form
GCSE JapaneseTuesday4.00-5.00pmZoomGSPLAll
German Film KlubFriday1.30pmZoomMJGUpper School
Green TeamFriday1.00pmZoomEFBUpper School
and Sixth Form
History Podcast Club - 
Lower School
Tuesday1.30pmZoomAFMLower School
History Podcast Club - 
Upper School & Sixth Form
Wednesday1.30pmZoomAFMUpper School
and Sixth Form
Linguistics OlympiadTuesday1.30pmZoomAJMSUpper School
and Sixth Form
Literature SocietyFriday Week B1.30pmZoomBTPRSixth Form
Mandarin - 
Lower School
Tuesday 1.00pmZoom HXDLower School
Model MakingThursday1.00pmZoomPJRAll
Music - Miss Forsey
Plays the Goldbergs
Music -
Pachabel's Canon
No regular meeting time

Out of the Box - 
Performing Arts Club
Monday - 1st Yr
Tuesday - 2nd Yr
Wednesday - 3rd Yr
1.00pmZoomSELBLower School
School CouncilFriday Week B10.55amZoomPEBAll - By election 
Sports Experts ClubMonday1.00pmZoomFRMAll
Sports Sessions

ZoomSports StaffAll
Top Music Talents ClubTuesday1.00pmZoomFRMAll

Spring Term Clubs for when School reopens

ClubDayTimeLocationStaffOpen to:
Art - Character
Design Club
Thursday 4.00pm Art Dept APM First Year
Astronomy Society TBC 4.00pm Outdoors RSS Second and Third Year
Badminton Club Thursday Lunchtime Sports Hall CAL / SE Upper School
Basketball Club Tuesday 4.15pm Sports Hall FM Second and Third Year
Book Chat Wednesday 1-2pm Zoom LES First Second Third Year
Book Chat Friday 1.30pm Zoom LES Upper School
Book Club Tuesday A Wednesday B from 14th Oct 1.30pm TBC KJW Second and Third Year
Cactus Club Monday 1.35pm CL3 CEG All
Charities Commission - Upper School Monday 12:30pm E5/6 JMBW Upper School
Charities Commission - Sixth Form Monday 12:30pm E7 APM Sixth Form
Charities Commission - Lower School Wednesday 1.00pm M1 JAT Second and Third Year
Chemistry Clinic Wednesday 12.00pm C1 ELTELS Upper School
Week A - 5th
Week B - 4th
Chemistry Drop-InTuesday
Week B
12.05pmC1JNCFourth Years
Chemistry Drop-In Friday 12.30pm C1 LAD Sixth Form
Chess Club Friday 1.30pm M2 ESR First Year
Classical Society Friday 12.30pm CL5 JMM Sixth Form
Cookery Club FULL Tuesday 4.00pm Dining Room HEMS & PS Fourth Year
Creative Writing - 
Lower School
Thursday 4.00pm E1 SE Lower School
Creative Writing and Journalism Thursday
Week B
4.00pm E3 EJR Upper School
Dance - Ballet Club Monday 4.00pm Dance Studio STJB By invitation
Dance Club -
Upper School
Thursday 12.00pm Week B
12.30pm Week A
Dance Studio STJB Upper School
Dance Club - 
Lower School
Thursday1.00pmDance StudioSTJBLower School
Debating & Public Speaking Society Tuesday 4.00pm E2 HLG / BTPR Upper School and Sixth Form
Doodle Art Monday 1.30pm P1 HD First Year
Doodle Art Thursday
1.30pm Week A
1.00pm Week B
J2 JNC Second Year
Junior Debating Club Thursday 4.00pm E2 HLG Lower School and First Year
Digital Leaders Friday TBC IT4 MPW All
DivSoc/MHC Monday 12.30pm E3 WEC Sixth Form
Drama - Lower School Drama Club Monday 1.00pm Dobson Theatre Henry G Second and Third Year
Drama - 1st Year Production Club (FULL) Wednesday Week B &
Friday Week A
13.30pm Dobson Theatre HGH First Year
Economics Discussion Group Wednesday 4.00pm H1 NDC Sixth Form
Economics Society Friday Week A 12.30pm Hospitality NDC Sixth Form
Football - Sixth Form Monday 4.05pm Field, All Weather Pitch DMB Sixth Form
French Conversation Club Tuesday 12.30pm L1 Assistants Sixth Form
French Club Tuesday Thursday 12.00pm L8 Assistants Upper School
French Club Wednesday 4.05pm L8 KMC Second and Third Year
Geography Society Thursday
Week B
12.30pm H7 DMB Sixth Form
German Film Klub Friday Week A 12.30pm L9 AJK Fourth Yearl
German Conversation Club Thursday 12.30pm L11 FLA Upper School and Sixth Form
Green Team Friday 12.30pm L9 EFB Upper School and Sixth Form
Historical Society Thursday
Week A
1.30pm H3 NJD Sixth Form
Hockey - Indoor
(Girls and Boys)
Wednesday & Thursday See noticeboard Sports Hall CSC All
iDEA Bronze Award online

PJM Lower School
and First Year
Italian Club Thursday Week B 1.00pm L4 SRP Second Year
GCSE Japanese Thursday Week A - 11:55-12:35
Week B 12:35-13:10
L1 GSPL Upper School
Linguistics Olympiad Tuesday 12.10pm L5 AJMS Upper School and Sixth Form
LitSoc - Booker Prize Friday Week B TBC TBC AJS / BTPR Sixth Form
LitSoc- Upper School Friday Week B 12.30pm E2 AJC Upper School
Lunar Society Monday 4.00pm Hosp. Suite


Sixth Form
Mandarin Tuesday 1.30pm L5 HXD Lower School
Mandarin Tuesday 4.00pm L5 HXD Upper School
Mandarin - Beginners Tuesday 1.00pm L5 HXD First Year
MedSoc Tuesday 4.00pm M5 LSDM Sixth Form
Mindfulness Monday 4.00pm TBC AD / HD Sixth Form
MTB Club Alternate Tuesdays & Monthly Rides 4.00pm Lecture Room PRCB Upper School
Music - Senior Flute Choir Monday 12.35pm Mu2 CS By invitation
Music - Sinfonia
First Year
Monday 1.30pm Recital Room TJH First Year
Music - Sinfonia
Second & Third Year
Monday 4.00-4.45pm Mu3 TJH Second and Third Year
Music - Sinfonia
Fourth Year
Monday 4.45-5.15pm Mu3 TJH Fourth Year
Music - Symphony OrchestraMonday4.00-5.15pmRecital RoomCEFBy invitation
Music - Soul Band Tuesday 12.30pm Recital Room TC By invitation
Music - First Year Choir Tuesday 1.30pm Dobson TJH / AW First Year
Music - Big Band Tuesday 4.00pm Recital Room TC By invitation
Music - Rock Academy Tuesday 4.00pm Mu2 & Mu3 HK By invitation
Music - Grade V Theory Tuesday 4.00pm Mu1 SS By invitation
Music - Piano TrioWednesday Week A8.20amRecital RoomCEFBy invitation
Music - Swing Band
Third Year
Wednesday Week A 1.00pm Recital Room JMRB Third Year
Music - Swing Band
Second Year
Wednesday Week B 1.00pm Recital Room JMRB Second Year
Music - Chamber Orchestra (Strings) Wednesday 4.00-5.15pm Recital Room CEF By invitation
Music - String QuintetThursday 
Week B
8.20amRecital RoomCEFBy invitation
Music - Chamber Choir Fourth Year Thursday
Week A
4.00-4.40pm Recital Room TJH Fourth Year
Music - Chamber Choir Fifth Year Thursday
Week A
4.40-5.15pm Recital Room TJH Fifth Year
Music - Chamber Choir Sixth Form Thursday
Week B
4.00pm Recital Room TJH Sixth Form
Music - Oboe QuartetFriday8.20amRecital RoomCEFBy invitation
Music - KES Choir
Fourth Year
Friday From 12.00pm Recital Room CEF Fourth Year
Music - KES Choir Second Year Friday From 1.00pm Recital Room CEF Second Year
Paddleboard Club Sunday Mornings see website SWAC PEB All
Photography Club Monday 1.00pm S1 PJR, YDW Second and Third Year
Physics Clinic Tuesdays after half term 12.05pm P4 MKM Fifth Year
Pilates Wednesday 4.10-5.15 Dance Studio
Upper School
Politics Society Monday 12.25pm H3 RKP Sixth Form
Polyglots Thursday termly 12.30pm L6 Various Sixth Form
Psychology Society Tuesday
Week A
12.30pm H7 ECBE Sixth form
Robotics from 6th October

PJM Sixth Form
Sailing Club Weekends and evenings Various Southampton Water Activities Centre PEB All
Sanskrit Club Monday 12.10pm CL4 JMM Sixth Form
Scamp Club Tuesday
Week A
1.35pm CL3 CEG Upper School
School Council Friday Week B 10.55am Hospitality PEB By election
Science - Crest Award Wednesday 1.00pm J2 RJC & CLCK Lower School and First Year
Science - Junior
Science Club
Thursday 1.20pm J1 MKM First Year
Science -
Life Beyond Earth
Tuesday 1.30pm P2 MM Third Year
Sewing Club Thursday
Week B
1.00pm DT NAM Lower School
Spanish Conversation Club Tuesday and Wednesday 12.30pm L3 VBP / MHR Upper School
Spanish Clinic

Sustainability Tuesdays by arrangement 4.00pm L9 EFB Sixth Form
Table Tennis Club (Juniors) Monday 4.00pm Table Tennis Room JHHS First Year
Technology Club Thursday 1.30pm DT SJP
Theatre Club Monday 12.30pm Twigg LAG Upper School and Sixth Form
Theatre Appreciation Club Tuesday (A) Monday (B) 1.30pm Dobson LAG Lower School and First Year
Tycoon Competition Monday from 14th Sept 4.00pm H1 SQ Lower Sixth
Wargaming Thursday 4.00pm J2/J1 SDG All

Mrs P E Burrows 6th January 2021