Clubs & Societies

Classical Society

It has been an exciting and very busy year at Classical Society with members spanning from Second Years to Sixth Formers. We have had many fun and entertaining activities such as the KES Classics puzzle, the Big Classics Christmas Quiz and even a Classical bake off as well as multiple debates putting the classical civilisations against each other. In addition to these activities, there have been a range of different talks by multiple brilliant Fourth Years, from two informative talks about the Sumerians and Akkadians by Tasmiah Safat-e-Jannat and presentations on Norse mythology, the Kofun period in Japan, and the connections and similarities between different ancient mythology. The Society also had an opinion’s hour with a variety of perspectives on the portrayal of women in Greek mythology including myths such as Helen of Troy, Zeus and Medusa which brought up many intriguing ideas and interesting points about today’s society’s problems. One of the biggest highlights of the year was Emily Smith’s latin play ‘Tyrannosaurus Rex’ and next year we are planning to bring our version of ‘Antigone’ to the stage.

Sophia Skenderis