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Digital Leaders

The Digital Leaders have continued to work productively through this year at KES. The annual Digital Leader Conference that took place at Stroud brought together groups of Digital Leaders from schools across the south to meet, talk about their roles and work through a series of workshops each using different aspects of technology. Activities at this event ranged from Sphero programming, working with LEGO mindstorms, BBC micro:bits and working with Google Classroom to explore the Big Mac Index, all of which culminated in a presentation from each of the participating schools. Each presentation gave information about the work of other schools giving other students ideas that they may use in the future.

Other projects have been completed since this time - an assembly on the future of computing was given to the First Year as well as two assemblies as part of Safer Internet Day.

The Fourth Year members have been working on a project using an Arduino which will allow them to measure CO2 levels in different areas of the School. These same pupils have also continued to offer technical support to the First Year group bases during their fortnightly visits. The new First Year Digital Leaders worked on creating a helpful document containing revision tools for exams, which was put to good use during the First Year examinations. Members of the Sixth Form Digital Leaders have continued work on the bus monitoring and reporting system, which is soon ready to enter a testing phase.

We have also been working with a number of primary schools in after school sessions when we have been designing a game through Kodu. We have also helped with a partnerships day in which Shirley Junior, Portswood and Mount Pleasant primary schools all came to KES to experience three separate sessions on IT related activities.

Looking to the end of the academic year, an assembly for the Fourth Year is also planned on the subject of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence and during #KESFEST, a session will be run on recreating iconic movie music from a number of classic movies, through the use of the garage band iPad app.

Daniel Miller