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Economics Society

Economics Society has once again thrived this year under student leadership; all those involved have put energy and ideas into preparing a varied programme of internal and external speakers for 2018-19.

The season began with a talk on Prospect Theory by Sam Rachman. With economists and non-economists coming together, the crowd reached around fifty. In a first for the Society, we had a father-son double header with Dr Jonathan Rachman kindly coming in to give a fascinating talk on behavioural economics and its application to areas from marketing to diabetes research. It was an excellent turnout, but Sam was keen to claim bragging rights in terms of audience numbers.

Another external speaker was Jonathan Ellis who came to speak regarding his experience as an international campaigns adviser. Currently with contracts from the George Soros Foundation, he gave a capacity crowd an insight into the importance of the use of economic arguments in order to generate change in society. This was swiftly followed by Co-President, James Harden, who delivered an insightful talk into China’s economic rise. This was part of the extended project qualification and his detailed research addressed threats to China’s recent economic success.

This year, Economics Society also joined with Politics Society to host Royston Smith, MP for the Southampton Itchen constituency. He gave an oversight of his views on the current political climate and the ‘B (Brexit) word’, his role in the Conservative party and his duties as an MP. He also answered a selection of questions put forward by students, concerning issues both past and present.

The Society also invited back Dr Antonella Ianni from The University of Southampton. A long-time supporter of the Society, Dr Ianni was as engaging as ever, bringing to life the complicated topic of Game Theory, which attracted both economists and mathematicians alike.

The final talk of the year was given by Harry Field, an Old Edwardian and former President of the Society. Harry, who is just finishing his Economics degree at Nottingham University, gave an excellent talk on why missing out on his Cambridge offer was not the end of the world, and how best to go about securing a job in investment banking. His talk gave some really useful practical tips for those about to head off to university, and those wanting to work in the financial sector.

This was a great year for the Economics Society and hopefully next year will see similar success.

Aditya Rokade

(Co-President of Economics Society)

Mr Culver adds:

Once again, a heartfelt thanks to those who ran the Society, attended the talks, and especially to the speakers themselves. Next year’s Society will be run by Charles Thomas, Kira Morton and Oliver Showell.