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Green Team

What can we do for our planet? Small decisions that we make every day could have a BIG impact. We are a group of students who meet to discuss sustainability issues. By regular conversations with the Charities Commission and School Council, we are able to keep "green" issues on the agenda.

Let's think how we can go #plasticfree and avoid #plasticpollution

Follow the conversation @GreenKEShants on twitter and share tips and thoughts. #getinvolved

Image from: Good360

Bringing in your own drinks bottle and using the water fountains at School could be one simple and easy way to reduce our plastic waste.

In early 2017, the Green Team campaigned for a "Meat Free Monday" following an investigation into the ecological impacts of eating meat every day. The figures were baffling! Though this hasn't become part of our weekly menu yet, why not #gogreen for a day a week? Our catering company Sodexo provides "green and lean" options.

 KES Green Day - 23rd February 2018

Across the school students and staff dressed up in green to promote sustainability and to raise money for charity.  This year we raised money for the Marine Conservation Society and WWF the day was animal-themed!

Look out for our fundraisers in 2018-19.


The garden was officially opened by The Mayor of Southampton, Councillor Terry Matthews on Tuesday 28th June 2011.

Update: The Woodland Trust has supplied KES with saplings for our site. In November 2017, they have arrived: all the saplings are now in the ground creating the start of a mixed hedge along the front of the school.