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Lunar Society

Lunar Society continues to provide a haven for the scientifically curious. This year we returned to our original venue of the Commemoration Room, this time taking care to ensure that nobody sat on the antique chairs. This brought a return to the refreshments, as well as a more fitting set of surroundings for the discussion and debates which materialised.

Early in the year Mr Hall and Miss Smith gave a presentation on Operation Wallacea, a project the School has been involved in for some time now, in particular they focussed on the scientific work to which our Sixth Form students have had the opportunity to contribute.

As well as some very accomplished presentations from the current Upper Sixth; notably Matthew Cross on the controversial chemist, Fritz Haber, and Oisin Shaw on the Mars rover, we also had equally accomplished presentations from members of the Lower Sixth including Daniel Zhang’s presentation on the brilliant, if tragic, Nikola Tesla.

For the second year in a row, Lunar Society provided the forum for two of the Upper Sixth students to deliver their Extended Project presentations. The standard was, once again, very high demonstrating the value of the Extended Project. Oliver Ferec-Dayson spoke with confidence about the future of prosthetic hearts and Tom Sansome demonstrated his working engine, which he produced from scratch in his garden shed. Not only did the engine work, but it was also, aesthetically, very impressive.

Following on from the Lower Sixth physics trip to the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research, the Lunar Society was very pleased to host an interactive presentation from Dr Daniel Rowan on various aspects of our ability to perceive sounds; we very much look forward to a follow-up talk from one of his PhD students in Autumn 2013. In addition, Lunar Society also hosted Mr David Gibbs, who spoke in detail about his research into novel methods of aiding the success of orthopaedic and trauma surgery.