Partnership Schools

At KES we have regular links with a number of local primary schools, including Springhill Catholic Primary School, Hollybrook Junior School, Nursling Primary School, Wordsworth Primary School and Highfield Primary School. Pupils from these schools participate in a range of activities including weekly clubs and one off events throughout the year. Our students benefit from playing the role of mentor and enjoy the friendships made with their younger peers. Our students can play an active role in areas such as art, reading, literacy, ICT, numeracy, sports, languages, music and science. Partnerships are a thriving area within the school and an essential part of our community links.

Regular Clubs

Springhill Reading Scheme - Monday 1 - 2pm JMAH

Maths Enrichment Scheme – Digital project run by JAT

Art Club - Mon 4-5pm, six sessions with Wordsworth, Springhill and Highfield alternately. Run by NAM

Springhill Science Club - Autumn and Spring term Tues 4 pm J1 run by LCB and MKM

Wordsworth Science Club - Spring term Monday 4.15 - 5.00pm run by JNC
Highfield Reading Scheme - Tuesday 1-2pm EBR/JLG
Nursling Reading Scheme - Wednesday 1-2pm SE
Springhill French Club - Autumn term Monday 4-5pm run by AJMS, ASR and VPB
Highfield Philosophy Shop - Monday and Tuesday 1-2pm run by THT