Computer Science

Course Information

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A-Level Computer Science (OCR)

OCR Specification

Why choose OCR Computer Science? 

The Computer Science specification will above all else be relevant to the modern and changing world of computing. The specification will:

  • Focus on programming, building on our GCSE Computing and emphasize the importance of computational thinking as a discipline.
  • Have an expanded maths focus, much of which will be embedded within the course.
  • Increasingly accepted alongside or in replacement of suitable Mathematics A-Level by some Universities.  Universities increasingly tailor the 1st Year for students that have taken A-Level CompSci.
  • Put computational thinking at its core, helping students to develop the skills to solve problems, design systems and understand human and machine intelligence.
  • Allow a student to apply the academic principles learned in the classroom to real-world systems in an exciting and engaging manner.
  • Give students a clear progression into higher education, as the course was designed after consultation with members of BCS, CAS, and top universities.

Learning outine A-Level

IGCSE Computer Science (Cambridge International Examinations) 



Learners following the Cambridge IGCSE Computer Science syllabus develop their understanding of the main principles of problem-solving using computers. They can apply their understanding to develop computer-based solutions to problems using algorithms and a high-level programming language. Learners also develop a range of technical skills, as well as being able to effectively test and evaluate computing solutions. Studying Cambridge IGCSE Computer Science will help learners appreciate current and emerging computing technologies, the benefits of their use and recognise their potential risks.

The main computer language pupils will learn will be Python. Pupils will use mainly block-based coding in Year 1 and 2 - such as Google Blockly and MIT Scratch. 

Learning outine GCSE

Computer Science Year 3 (optional study)

Overview Presentation

Learning outine Year 3

Years 1 and 2 Computer Science and Digital Technology (all)

Learning outine Year 2

Learning outine Year 1