Computer Science

IT Induction

The aim of the following session is to guide you through how to set up and use all of the IT equipment here at school. Your teacher will help you complete each point.

If you have any questions just ask.

1) If you have made it to this page then you can tick this one off! DON'T TELL ANYONE YOUR NEW PASSWORD

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2) ACTIVITY: Search for Gmail on the Internet and log into your KES Gmail account. Your email address will be supplied and is:

Your lunch

Log into Gmail using your email address and the password supplied. Then change the password. A good idea is to change this password to the same as your main log in password.

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3) ACTIVITY: Search for Google Drive on the Internet and log into your new Google Drive using your school Gmail address and your new password.

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4) All work produced on your iPad needs to be saved to your Drive for safe keeping.

ACTIVITY: Create folders for each of your subjects to help with your digital organisation.

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5) When you are logged into the School website you will be able to access your student planner.

ACTIVITY: Explore the planner tab and also the black banner at the top of the page. All of your homework tasks will appear in this planner and you are able to submit work and mark tasks as done. There is also a student planner app for your iPad which we will look at shortly. Do you have any tasks you can mark as done yet?

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6) When working on a school PC you can save work onto your N Drive. There is also a shared W drive you can access.

ACTIVITY: Find the W Drive and the N Drive on your computer. Open the N Drive and create subject folders so you can be digitally organised when saving work on a PC.

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Complete the next part of the check list on your iPad but continue to tick the boxes here.

1) ACTIVITY: Log onto the school WI-FI.

Go to your iPad settings and select the KES Wi-Fi.  Log in using your ID and your new password.

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2) Hopefully you already have downloaded all of the apps from the core and subject specific lists here:

If not then you will need to get them downloaded as soon as possible. You can complete this task at home rather than now.

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3) A very important app is the Firefly Student Planner app. If you don't have it then download it now here:

ACTIVITY: Open the app and enter the school code: KES

Log in using your user name and password. Explore the app, this shows the same information as the planner on the PC.

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4) You should have the Google Gmail and Drive apps on your iPad (they are on the core list).

ACTIVITY: Log into both Gmail and Drive using your Gmail address and password. This will make it easier to check emails on your iPad and also save any work to your Drive. You should see that all the folders you set up earlier in your Drive are visible.

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5) If you lose or break your iPad then any work that is not backed up will be gone. For this reason every piece of work you complete on your iPad should be saved to your Drive.

ACTIVITY: Using any app you like on your iPad produce a really quick piece of work and share it to your Google Drive. In most apps you will be looking for the share icon...

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Try to find the share icon in a few different apps.

Well Done, you have now competed the checklist and the IT induction. You are ready to go ahead and use the school computers and your own iPads correctly and productively. If you have any problems or questions just ask a member of IT support or one of your teachers.

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