Creative Arts

Arts Festival 2022

The theme for this year's Arts Festival is CREATIVITY and its relationship to the wider world of work and our interaction with creative thinking. Creativity is so frequently listed as a skill sought by employers but for pupils who may not select Arts subjects academically, the festival aims to raise awareness of creative thinking and engagement.

Creativity was identified by LinkedIn as the number one soft skill companies need most in 2020, while complex problem solving, critical thinking and creativity were rated as the top three skills for workforces by the World Economic Forum in its ‘Future of Jobs’ study. Andy Green MPRCA for PRCA

Can you answer these questions?

  1. When was the last time you were faced with a problem and used a creative solution to solve it?
  2. How do you demonstrate creative thinking in your approach to work?
  3. What weekly activities do you do that reinforce and develop your creative thinking?

#KESCREATE22 - This years Arts Festival is aimed to help you explore creative activities, think creatively and engage with creativity. Let's get creative! 

Parent / Guardian notification letter: 

A letter providing information about the Wednesday field activities will be issued with the Bulletin 17/06/22. Should you prefer your child NOT to participate in any activities please contact Miss Forsey before Wednesday 22nd June 2022.