Drama & Theatre Studies

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Drama is taught once a week to all First and Second Year students, with a broad curriculum including performance skills, theatre design and analysing written and performance texts.

Students can then opt to take a one year course in Theatre Studies in the Third Year, with a provision of 3 periods in two weeks. This course further develops understanding of performance techniques and stage design, as well as introducing more detailed study and analysis of live and recorded performances. The course is designed to provide an excellent foundation for GCSE Drama but also provides a well-rounded curriculum for those that follow the Third Year course only.

Drama is offered as a GCSE using the Eduqas 9-1 specification. Currently there are 2 sets in each year group, with 18 pupils taking the subject in the fourth Year and 17 students in the Fifth Year. All sets are taught by subject specialists and the department regularly moderates both practical and written assignments to ensure parity of marking. The course is assessed through a combination of practical (30%) and written (70%) assignments, including scripted and devised work, as well as analysis of a set text and a variety of live performances. Theatre visits are an essential part of the course and students should expect to attend at least three visits during each year of their course. 

At A Level, students follow the Edexcel Drama and Theatre course. Each class has two specialist teachers who are responsible for delivering discrete sections of the course, with the exception of the practical units, where both teachers assist the pupils. The course builds on the knowledge gained in earlier years but also includes in-depth study of a range of theatre practitioners. As in the GCSE course, theatre visits are an essential part of the course and all students are expected to attend several trips during each year of their course.

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