Drama & Theatre Studies

GCSE Course Outline

  • We follow the EDUQAS 9-1 GCSE Drama course
  • GCSE classes currently have 6 lessons per 2 week timetable
  • The course is 30% practical and 70% written
Course Summary of Assessment
Component 1: Devising Theatre (40%)  

Internally assessed, externally moderated.  

Learners can choose to be assessed as a performer or designer.

Learners participate in the creation, development and performance of a piece of devised theatre using either the techniques of an influential practitioner or a genre, in response to a stimulus set by WJEC.

Learners must produce: 
- a realisation of their devised piece of theatre (this is assessed through the final performance)

- a portfolio of supporting evidence (this is completed throughout the devising process. Illustrative material can be included and written work should be between 750-900 words)  

- an evaluation of the final performance (this is assessed through a written evaluation completed under supervised conditions)

Component 2: Performing from a Text (20%)
Externally assessed by a visiting examiner. 

Learners can choose to be assessed as a performer or a designer.

Learners study two extracts from the same performance text chosen by the centre.

Learners participate in one performance using sections of text from both extracts.

Component 3: Interpreting Theatre (40%)
Written examination: 1 hour 30 minutes. 

Section A: Set Text
Learners will answer a series of questions on one set text. The current set text is 'War Horse' by Michael Morpurgo, adapted by Nick Stafford.

Section B: Live Theatre Review
Learners to answer one question from a choice of two, requiring analysis and evaluation of a given aspect of a live theatre production seen during the course.