Duke of Edinburgh Award


About the Award Programme

There are three levels of the Award Programme: the easiest is Bronze; then it increases in difficulty through the Silver and Gold levels.

Anyone interested can start the Award Programme on their fourteenth birthday. The Bronze Award not only involves a 2 day, 30 km expedition, but also three other sections: skill, physical and volunteering.

It is not until you are fifteen that you can start the Silver Award. This can be started without having completed the Bronze Award, although it may take longer to complete. The Silver Award involves a 3 day expedition covering 50 km of more difficult terrain and the three additional sections.

The Gold Award can only be started if the Silver Award has been completed and if you are 16. It is the most challenging Award and involves an 80Km expedition, over 4 days.

All the Awards involve an expedition, a written project and the three additional sections. The Gold Award also involves a Residential Project.

History of The Duke of Edinburgh's Award

"In the summer of 1938, I found myself walking five miles, as fast as I could, along country roads in Morayshire. I had never done anything like it before and I fervently prayed I would never have to do anything like it again. It so happens that my prayer was answered because I was completing - successfully as it turned out - a section of the Moray Badge, a direct ancestor of what has become known as The Duke of Edinburgh's Award". HRH The Duke of Edinburgh.

The Award was established in 1960 by The Duke of Edinburgh. There was more focus on training and leadership and and especially in adventurous activities, to ensure the safety and competence of the participants. In 1961 the Award became an extension of secondary education and 16% of schools participated. The Award was encouraged in schools, youth organisations and industry. In 1966 the Scheme grew and led to its regionalisation in the United Kingdom. The Scheme has become international, with other countries participating. In February 1969 the Duke of Edinburgh created a single Award for anyone aged between 14 and 25.

Anyone between the age of 14 and 25 can take part in the award. It allows those who participate an opportunity of experience, challenge and adventure and to gain new skills and make new friends.

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