Duke of Edinburgh Award

Service Section

The Service Section is an opportunity for participants to help the members of a community and to learn responsability. It provides an opportunity to be expected and trusted to offer help to those in need. This section aims to provide appreciation for the needs of a community.

The main aims of the Service Section:

  • Provide commitment by using leisure time to help the needs of others.
  • Understand the needs of others and contribute to their well-being. This may involve working with thise that may not normally be in contact with.
  • To be trusted and relied on by others.
  • To gain a clearer understanding of personal strengths and weaknesses by reviewing their performance.
  • Increase self-esteem from positive feedback from peers and adults, and learning to appreciate the value of personal contribution.
  • Overcome prejudice and fears through building new relationships, questioning attitudes and values, and developing an empathy with others.
  • Generate positive community action by identifying worthwhile Service opportunities which benefit the local community.
  • Care for the environment through practical involvement in projects.
  • Accept responsibility through a personal commitment to an organisation or member of the community.

Examples of Service Activities:

Group 1: Service with a large proportion of Practical involvement

  • Elderly People
  • Children
  • Enviroment
  • Fundraising
  • Other People in Need

Group 2: Service requiring specialised training

  • Animal Welfare
  • Emergency Services
  • Rescue
  • Safety

Group 3: Service requiring a specific qualification

  • Care in the Community
  • Leadership in the Community
  • Life Saving
  • Rescue




1. 15 hours over 3 months
2 & 3. 8 weeks of involvement


1. 30 hours over 6 months
2 & 3. 16 weeks of involvement


1. 60 hours over 12 months
2 & 3. 16 weeks of involvement