Duke of Edinburgh Award

Skills Section

The Skills Section is an opportunity develop new interests social and practical skills.

The main aims of the Skills Section:

  • Stimulate young people to take up and persevere at satisfying and purposeful activities within a wide range of practical, cultural and social activities.
  • A continuing and progressive interest in an activity, the study of a topic of personal interest to the participant or a definite task to be completed.
  • Participation can lead to membership of a club or group, allowing the Skill to be develped further.
  • An opportunity to discover new talents and make an on-going commitment.

Benefits of the Section:

  • Develop social and practical skills.
  • Meet new people.
  • Get organised by understanding what is required and setting time and resources aside to follow the skill.
  • Discover how to research information by having access to the Award Handbook, making appropriate contacts in the community and identifying other sources of help and guidance.
  • An opportunity to try something new.
  • Making progress from being involved in an appropriate degree of challenge.
  • Develop abilities by acquiring knowledge, practising skills and achieving a degree of competence have fun by sharing an activity with adults and peers discover new talents and raise self-esteem by pursuing a new challenging activity.




 6 Months


12 Months or 6 Months if Bronze holder


18 Months or 12 Months if Silver holder