Duke of Edinburgh Award

DofE COVID Return to Expeditions

At KES we are planning to reinstate our expedition plot from the Summer term in May/June  and once the majority of assessments have been navigated, based on the availability of Participants, Staff, Resources and of course government guidelines.

We are initially planning on running expeditions as day walks, and these may be long days requiring parent pick up and collection to and from KES.  Where and when we are able, we will try and offer a residential element both for the enjoyment and challenge of the participants and to try and remove at least one journey to KES !

CHOOSE YOUR DATE Participants/Parents will be sent a survey monkey to complete (during the Easter break), offering a preferred and reserve expedition date for their level of the Award - once received, please ensure this is returned promptly.

PRE-EXPEDITION PLANNING/PREPARATION Participants will also be sent a number of tasks to complete prior to their expedition - but nothing that is too onerous - just preparation for the expeditions.

Whilst we would encourage every participant to continue with their Award and have something to show from this torrid year; we understand that for some it may not be logistically possible.  Those wishing to cancel their Award may do so and receive a refund (minus the deposit of £50). 

UPDATE YOUR eDofE PROFILES Participants are reminded that we would expect to see completed volunteering, physical and skills sections prior to proceeding to expeditions - so please ensure that your eDofE profiles are up to date with:

  1.  Profile Picture
  2.  Fully completed Programme Planner - submitted.
  3.  Sufficient evidence to show your regular commitment to your activity (photos, attendance cards, certificates, strava maps, audio, video, pieces of music, etc.).
  4. Fully completed Assessors report - which must include:
    1. Start date.
    2. Finish date (ensuring this makes the required 3, 6 or 12 months duration).
    3. Details of activity.
    4. Assessor details (including contact details) - remember this must be an Adult and not a family member.

Please follow the links below or from the drop down menu to the left to the relevant page for your year group and level of award:

IV Year BRONZE Participants

IV Year SILVER Participants

V Year BRONZE Catch-Up Participants (postponed from November 2020)

V SILVER Participants

VI Form GOLD Participants