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Dear Participants and Parents,

Welcome to the KES DofE COVID 19 Resources page.  We are certainly living through challenging times and could be doing so for some time.   Time now to focus on being as prepared as possible for when we resume something like normality, be that in 1 month, 3 months or 6 months time.  

Some of you will have completed expeditions, and your activities and all that remains is to update your eDofE profiles and submit your evidence for approval - Please scroll to end of this page for further information.

Obviously our expeditions for the foreseeable future are on hold - we will reactivate these once it is safe to do so, and these will be programmed on the availability of various resources:

  • Staff availability.
  • Participant availability and need.
  • Campsite availability.
  • Any reorganised curriculum time.

Nobody wants to look back after this time and think what could have been achieved rather than just binge watching NETFLIX or overdosing on MINECRAFT - everything in moderation!  So with just a few changes and a bit of imagination, DofE Awards (Volunteering, Physical and Skills activities) can still be worked towards.

Turn this challenging time in to an opportunity.  An opportunity to learn life skills and develop yourselves in different ways;  cook, DIY, gardening, sewing a button on, ironing, learn a skill, keep fit from home, learn a language, help others, develop your mindfulness skills.....anything that prepares you for the future.  I can only imagine in 12 months time, that if I was responsible for interviewing candidates for a job, internship, work experience, placements etc. One of my first questions would be "Tell me what you did during the COVID 19 Outbreak?"


Public Health England


Below you will find links to some ideas from both Head Office of DofE in Windsor, and tips and guidelines to useful pages.  These will be added to, as and when available.

DofE with a difference (Link to external DofE page)

DofE FAQ Page - DofE during isolation (Link to external DofE page)

How to Change a DofE Activity on eDofE - PDF

If you are going to change an activity to something that can be achieved during social distancing, then please ensure you do the following:

  • Ensure that your new activity is relevant to that section (SECTIONAL ADVICE) and approved via your eDofE profile by submitting your programme planner and waiting until it is approved.  A full list of potential activities is HERE.
  • Ensure that you can evidence your minimum of 1 hour activity per week - by uploading Video, Photos, Scrap books, research data, Audio, etc.
  • Keep a diary of your activities.
  • Check your eDofE Messaging at least once a week (more often if you've submitted something) - this is where you will get messages from your DofE Manager (Me) about approvals / queries / advice about personal queries you have submitted.
  • When communicating with me please use the correct KES email (prcb@kes.hants.sch.uk or dofe@kes.hants.sch.uk) and I will respond direct to your email.

During this time, Mr Barnes will be in work (sometimes at KES, sometimes at home).  I will not be online at all times (I could be repairing expedition equipment either at school or in my back garden) - but I will be online at least two days during each week - so please, if you have a question, then send an email to prcb@kes.hants.sch.uk or dofe@kes.hants.sch.uk

Table of Possible DofE Activities - with Social Distancing (will be added over time)

If you have any ideas that are worth sharing, then please email me your suggestions - PRCB

Assisting Elderly Neighbours during IsolationVOLUNTEERING
Supporting Younger People in your household with Learning Skills/Home EducationVOLUNTEERING
Support to NHS Volunteers (18+ Only)VOLUNTEERINGhttps://www.goodsamapp.org/nhs
British Sign LanguageSKILLhttps://www.british-sign.co.uk/
Gardening - Growing PlantsSKILLhttps://www.rhs.org.uk/advice/beginners-guide
First Aid online CourseSKILLhttps://www.firstaidforfree.com/
Creative WritingSKILLhttps://www.scribeasy.com/
Home Fitness - The Body CoachPHYSICALhttps://www.thebodycoach.com/
Home Fitness - PE with JoePHYSICALhttps://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLyCLoPd4VxBvQafyve889qVcPxYEjdSTl
Home Fitness - HASfitPHYSICALhttps://hasfit.com/
Home Fitness - Yoga with AdrienePHYSICALhttps://yogawithadriene.com/
CyclingPHYSICALSolo during your one exercise trip per day or at home on a turbo-trainer / Peloton

Learn to play the Guitar / UkuleleSKILLhttp://try.fender.com/
U:Bee Online (Purchase required - online skills courses over 3 or 6 months)SKILLhttps://www.ubee.org.uk/pages/about

Learn to touch type online

SKILLLearn to Touch type - QWERTY Kids
must be the 12 week DofE Skills variant.


  1. If you do an online course - remember that your DofE Activity should be for a minimum of 1 hour per week - If you complete a 12 hour online course in one or two sittings during a week - that will only count for one week of DofE Activity!  You still have to have an ongoing commitment over a period of time - be disciplined and be able to prove it!
  2. Try and choose an online course that has a certificate upon successful completion - this is great evidence - and remember, you are picking up valuable life skills as you go along.
  3. If you think you will do a number of courses for say, SKILL; then maybe put your activity down as LIFE SKILLS ATTAINMENT - and do a number of courses (i.e. Basic First Aid / Basic Sign Langauage / Creative Writing).
  4. Assessors - You may have a "Social Distancing" Activity that will fit in to the activity that you are currently doing - with your Assessor.....Speak with them, and see if there is something that you can do, and actively evidence, that they will sign off at the end of this period of isolation.  Communication is the key - and keep that communication as evidence!

Good Luck and Stay Safe




V & VI Year Information

Participants can advance to the next level of the Award by submitting a:

fully completed enrolment form 

and paying the relevant KESpay fee HERE

Please ensure that enrolment forms are FULLY completed, particularly with a working and legible email address (logon details will be automatically sent to this email).


Choosing a Residential

Advising on Residential Activities

Evidencing your Award

Each section of your Award needs to have sufficient evidence to show that you have committed to it over the 3, 6 or 12 month period.  Without you showing this, it will not be possible to approve a section - so do this on a regular basis.  Finally you will need your Assessors Report (see below).  Types of evidence:

  • Photos/Video/Audio of you doing the activity.
  • Attendance Card signed by yourself/Assessor.
  • Club membership cards.
  • Pieces of work during your section (music etc.).
  • Screenshots of anything done online.
  • Certificates attained during the time of your section.
  • Relevant newspaper cuttings / team photos / fixtures lists.
  • Scrap book / Blog / Diary of what you did.

Expedition Reports

Each participants' expedition section must also contain their expedition report (preferably uploaded to the "Presentation" sub-section).  This should be a personal report containing (a) a diary of events during your expedition (b) a report on your chosen research topic (i.e. water features, flora and fauna etc.) and (c) your personal reflections, what was good, what was bad, who was the leader, cook, comedian, map-reader etc.  all supported by photos and relevant research.  This should be a typed report and preferably uploaded as a word or pdf document.  For an idea of size; a Bronze report should be 1000 words, a Silver 2000, and Gold 3000 words.

Assessors Reports

Each section of a DofE Award must be supported by a fully completed Assessors Report.  This can either be on the Assessors report card in the Welcome Pack, or via the online Assessors Report Portal (see below).  Each report must contain the following:

Start / Finish Dates - This should show that the participant (from their enrolment date) has completed the minimum time requirement for that section.  It is expected that where a holiday/break has impacted on their attendance - this should be made up at the end, by contributing more time.

Assessors Details - This should include NAME / POSITION or ROLE / CONTACT DETAILS

Details of Activity - What it was that the participant did.

Full Report - A detailed report (a minimum of 3 paragraphs) detailing how the participant contributed to that activity.  Full guidance can be found on the online portal or on the cards in the Welcome Pack.

Link to the Assessors Report Portal 

(Participants will have to provide their Assessor with Start Date / Finish Date / Level of Award / eDofE ID Number).

Guidance to Writing Reports


DofE Manager - Mr PRC BARNES

02380 799251 or 704561

Email: dofe@kes.hants.sch.uk