Endeavour 2022

First Year

First Year Camp – 30 June – 1 July 2022

Dear Parent/Guardian,

I am writing to you to confirm arrangements for the First Year Endeavour programme to Fairthorne Manor in Botley (June 30th to July 1stone night trip).

Within the next few minutes, you will receive an electronic consent form asking you to give your consent for your child to attend this trip and participate in all the activities: please see the sample activity schedule at the end of this letter for an idea of the type of activities they will be engaging in. Please complete the consent form at your earliest convenience.

Students will need to bring all the required kit (see below) with them to School on the morning of Thursday 30th June. They should come to School as normal on this day and congregate on the school side of the Astro upon arrival. We will be back in time for the early buses home at 16:00 on Friday 1st July.

Please can I request you inform me via email (ajc@kes.hants.sch.uk) of any dietary requirements for your child prior to the trip’s departure. Any medication that your child will be required to take during the trip must be brought to the school, clearly labelled and handed to me on the first morning.

Students must not bring their mobile phones, iPads, or any valuables to Fairthorne, even if switched off. They must be left at home - this is due to the outdoor nature of the site and the lack of secure storage. They will not need any spending money.

Emergency communication with parents will be possible via members of staff. We will have a list of all contact details should the need arise for your child to call home. Should you have an emergency of your own and need to contact the camp, you can call the School mobile on the following number: 07917 262010. However, please do bear in mind that signal may not always be available and therefore, during working hours, the landline at Fairthorne Manor is contactable: 01489 785228.

Students will have all meals provided by Fairthorne. Please do allow them also to bring whatever extra snacks they may want, as there will be breaks factored into the day. Fairthorne is a nut free site, so please ensure your child’s snacks do not contain nuts to ensure we can keep everyone safe. Hand sanitiser is recommended as well.

Finally, I would like to draw your attention to the possibility of encountering ticks in the outdoor environment. Students should wear long trousers/sleeves and utilise suitable insect repellent to reduce this risk. We will of course be bringing medical kits with us but please look at the advice on tick avoidance and what to do; which can be found at Lyme Disease Action via the link below:


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me on my email address ajc@kes.hants.sch.uk. It only remains for me to thank you for your help in preparing your child for an exciting few days on camp.

Yours sincerely,

Mr A J Chandrachud

Kit List:

We will be outside all day come rain or shine so please make sure your child has the following named kit.

  • A drink (refillable bottle as we have plenty of water points around the site)
  • Sun hat and cream
  • Old clothes that can get wet, muddy and dirty
  • Warm clothing (jacket, jumpers, trousers, pyjamas)
  • Waterproofs if wet weather is forecasted
  • Footwear that can / will get wet
  • Towel
  • Plenty of spare clothes (a complete set including pants and socks)
  • Spare footwear to travel home in
  • Plastic bag (to put wet clothes in)
  • Hand sanitiser
  • A small pillow (if they wish)

· Medication if required (give to AJC)

· A sleeping bag and sleeping mat

To clarify, water-based activities cannot be undertaken with crocs or wellington boots. Old trainers or water shoes are ideal.

Intended Activity Schedule

Images are from Endeavour 2021