Lower School English Syllabus Overview

Lower School English Syllabus Overview – For Public Audience

King Edward V1 School English Department

Summary of Lower School Syllabus

Introductory note

Variety is the spice of English lessons. Schemes of work for the first three years are therefore suggestions rather than prescriptions, and it is expected that individual teachers will have different strengths and interests, as indeed will the pupils.



Students will sit an end of year examination based upon the skills acquired throughout the year and typically consisting of reading and writing sections. Additionally, students will sit a grammar assessment before the Christmas break based upon the grammar skills acquired throughout the Autumn term.


Class reader

Stories, and creative responses to them, are central to First Year English. We aim to have a constantly-revised core of suitable, enjoyable and clearly identified novels with input from pupils, colleagues, bookshops, national competitions and awards.

Shakespeare, may include:

· use of Shakespeare in oral/ drama lessons

· contemporary studies: Shakespeare's life, history of Elizabethan Theatre

· ICT research projects

· First Year Shakespeare Day

· trips to a range of Shakespeare productions, visiting/touring groups to the Dobson Theatre/Hall/classroom

· faculty resource of listed videos available

The Library

The library is a useful ally, and we welcome regular use - how and where to find fiction and non-fiction, including audio, video, magazines, internet research, etc. We encourage departmental and pupil use of the Library staff for displays and information on current topics

Reading Lessons

· Tasters and recommendations, compiling reading logs and book reviews.


In addition to teachers’ own implementation of ICT facilities to supplement individual schemes of work, the First Year ICTAC (Information and Communication Technology Across the Curriculum) provision ensures that all students benefit from a standardised level of ICT implementation to ensure ICT skills relevant to the study of English are consolidated and built upon.