Examinations & Reports

Examinations & Reports

Summer 2020 Examinations and COVID 19   

A Level and GCSE Written Papers  (10 July 2020)

If you were due to sit external examinations this year and Centre Awarded Grades have been  submited to the Awarding Bodies by the School, the exam boards will be offering written papers for candidates who dispute the grades awarded to them in August. Although the exact dates and times of individual subjects have not yet been published by the boards, the exam series dates are as follows: 

Upper Sixth Form candidates in dispute with A Level grades should be available to sit written papers between:
Fifth and Fourth Year candidates in dispute with GCSE grades should be available to sit written papers between:
Monday 5 October and
Friday 23 October 2020

Monday 2 November and
Monday 23 November 2020

(Please note that this partly falls within the half-term break)

Exact times and dates within these windows for each subject and paper are not yet known, nor are the dates known for the results of these papers. Final details and information for candidates will be available on the results days in August.

Updated 23March,2020  CIE IGCSE Examinations will not take place

If you are sitting external examinations this year, please see below an extract from a recent communication from the Deputy Head Academic – Dr Waymark, communicated by email to the parents of Fifth Years and Upper Sixth Pupils and to the pupils themselves in a special Exams Assembly on 19 March 2020.   

In the light of yesterday's announcement made by the Department for Education, we will update you as soon as we hear what the awarding bodies intend to do.  Please understand that this is a monumental task for them and we may not have the definitive answer for a while yet.  Please rest assured that we will do all we can to ensure that pupils receive a fair grade and qualification for the work they have been undertaking towards their exams this summer.

The information we have from the awarding authorities at the moment is as follows: 

What we know

A level examinations, domestic GCSE's and L2 Further Mathematics (including Pearson (Edexcel) International IGCSEs in their current format and schedule, have been cancelled. 

CIE IGCSE   (English Language, English Literature, History, Geography, Economics, Computer Science, Italian and Physical Education (Sports Science).  

Update from CIE 23 March 2020:  Today, .... we have taken the difficult decision not to run our international examinations in the May/June 2020 series in any country. This includes Cambridge IGCSE, Cambridge O Level, Cambridge International AS & A Level, Cambridge AICE Diploma and Cambridge Pre-U.

What we don’t know

  • How the qualifications will be assessed. They might:
  • Delay and run the exams later in the year
  • Organise some form of online assessment at some point
  • Ask schools to provide evidence of grades, i.e. essays, mock papers, folders of work, evidence of progress
  • How universities or FE colleges will respond

What we will do

  • As soon as any further clarification is received pupils and parents will be informed
  • Pupils must not make assumptions about how grades might be awarded and therefore should continue to study and complete tasks. This may be going over older content, preparing ‘evidence’ such as essay or sample questions etc., or keeping subject skills live in case some form of assessment is brought in at short notice.
  • Whatever it takes to support the pupils to get what they deserve, whatever future instruction is received from the Government.

What the pupils need to do

  • Remain focussed – It essential that they do not just stop working. They must not assume that grades will be awarded without any future assessment.
  • Be ready to respond to an unexpected change in how assessments might be made
  • Tidy up folders, portfolios etc.
  • It is normal to feel unsettled and anxious in the light of this enormous disruption to your education. Contact your teachers and tutors if you need to talk to someone or if have any questions.  Do not bottle up anxieties, but let someone know how you are feeling.  We are here to support you.  

Parents can rest assured that we will do everything we can to ensure the best outcomes for our pupils.

We understand that this uncertainty is causing additional stress for our teachers, pupils and parents, and the Awarding Authorities are working on this as a matter of urgency.  As soon as  the School has further information and clarity from the authorities, this will be passed on to parents and students.

Dr BM Waymark

Deputy Head (Academic)

If you should have any queries or concerns during these uncertain times, please email the Examinations Office : examoff@kes.hants.sch.uk ,   We can also be contacted via the main switchboard on 023 8070 4561.


Examinations at KES

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With this in mind, this section includes information to help your son or daughter have a successful examination series and to perform to the best of their ability on the day.  It relates primarily to external examinations but also includes internal summer examination timetables when available.  

In addition, the Grades, Reports and Assessments Section, explains what the grades mean on your son or daughter's reports to enable you to track their progress throughout their School career.

Detailed information regarding subject departments and subject options are to be found elsewhere within the website on the appropriate pages.     

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