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Examination Day Information  

Reading the notices below and attending the Pre Examinations Meeting is important so that you are aware of what is allowed and not allowed when sitting public examinations.

You can lose marks and grades by doing something by mistake or by not realising, and it can be seen by the Awarding Bodies as cheating. 

Everyone follows the same set of rules and so they create a level playing field to make the exam system fair across the country.  This means that if someone breaks the rules, then they risk losing marks, grades or even face disqualification. Equally if something happens that is not their fault, they can be given extra marks as compensation.  The rules keep everything equal for everyone. 

Pre Examination Meeting Presentation for Fifth Year Pupils 

JCQ Information for Candidates (Summer 2022)

JCQ Warning to Candidates

CIE Notice to Candidates

JCQ Unauthorised items Poster

If you can not see the document you require, please contact the Examinations Office.