Examinations & Reports

Timetables for Internal Examinations

2020 4th Year (New 5th Year)  September Internal Examinations

Monday 7 September 2020 : English Language Examination, Sports Hall, 9.30 - 11.30am

Pupils qualiying for Access Arrangements in this examination will be notified separately by post.

Other In-Class assessments will be held from the start of term in the following subjects: 

Languages, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Religion and Philosophy, Latin, Classical Civilisation, and Sports Science  -   Please speak to your class teacher about subject specific requirements and queries and keep an eye on all communications from the school over the summer holidays, especially the Friday Bulletin and your Planner, as things may have to change at very short notice. 

Mathematics will run in-class assessments in early October.

MFL Speaking Tests will be held from 21 September onwards. The schedule will follow after the the Start of the Autumn Term 

2020 UVI September Internal Examinations

Examinations Timetable :  Tues 8 - Tues 15 September 

Schedule : MF Language Speaking Tests 

Regulations:  Rules and Conduct

2020 1st & 2nd Year Summer Internal Examinations

 1st Years Thursday 14 May to Tuesday 19 May xx CANCELLED xx

 2nd Years hursday 14 May to Tuesday 19 May xx CANCELLED xx

2020 3rd Year Summer Internal Examinations

 3rd Years Thursday 4 June to Thurs 11 June xx CANCELLED xx