Extended Studies

Extended Studies

This is a carousel based programme which consists of six units; Food and First Aid, Equality and Diversity, Castles, Reality and Representation, Dance and Mission to Mars. These units complement a range of subject areas from Science, Religious Education, Languages, Design Technology, I.T. Skills, Physical Education, English as well as a host of PSHE aspects. Each unit runs for four weeks and each group is tutor group based. Many of the units have external sorties to enrich the learning process, trips include Winchester Cathedral and a Temple as well as Portchester Castle. We also endeavour to integrate forms of I.T. from basis processing skills to the more creative and contemporary such as the creation of apps, animation, augmented reality, pod casts to name but a few skills.

When the timetable permits we also expose the pupil's to the cultural delights of Shakespeare with the very talented troop (performance and workshop) from the Young Shakespeare Company. There is usually space for a guest speaker in the calendar to inspire the first year pupils, such as John Harris (a past paraolympian), Beverley Naidoo (writer of teenage literature on the subject of apartheid).

Pupils are informed each week as to where and when they should be in any given place, with a copy for the notice board, web site and tutor group room for reference. We aim to to make learning fun and memorable whilst giving pupils greater flexibility to question and try new experiences. Pupils also learn to be increasingly more organised, responsible and appreciate their role within the school and wider community.

We recently integrated 'Mindfulness' within the Food and Health unit so as to comprise an 'I Help Myself' focus exploring five key aspects of physical and mental health:- first aid and healthy eating (healthy pizza making, sushi and exotic fruit), environment looking at the here and now, relationships and interactions, life long learning and peers for philanthropy. This will enlist the professional skills of Annie with regard to the implementation of core skills to enhance learning, self-awareness, recognition, uniqueness and control.

The introduction of the Equality and Diversity unit encourages pupils to explore and debate topical issues broadening their outlook and awareness. Equality and diversity is a term used to define and champion equality, diversity and human rights as defining values of our society and School. This unit is designed to promote equality of opportunity for all, giving every pupil the chance to achieve their potential, free from prejudice and discrimination; these values we hope will be embraced by our pupils throughout their lives.

The Mission to Mars unit embraces skills ranging from Robotics, Physics, Geography, Geology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Creative Writing. The main activity will be problem solving in pairs using a Lego EVO robotics. Other tasks may range from working out how to unfold solar panels on the surface of the Red Planet to tasks such as composing a 1 minute track to be broadcast out into space in the hope that one day life somewhere may receive/hear it. This unit actively promotes teamwork, expression, Information Technology and programming, communication skills as well as problem solving and logic.

The Representation and Reality unit continues to stretch pupils minds and perceptions of the real and unreal playing with philosophical ideas and theories. Pupils tolerance and awareness of cultural variations is also fostered and draws upon the positive aspects of local and wider communities, faiths and people.

Dance remains upbeat and dynamic drawing upon pupil creativity and cultural awareness of varying dance styles, musical rhythms and movement both on an individual and group level. This is also invaluable in the enforcement of pupil confidence in themselves and physical presence in open space and in association with others within a supportive and encouraging environment.

The Castle unit continues to enhance local historical knowledge and embraces a diverse range of practical exercises with which to enforce historical learning from cultural settings, animations and the making of working catapults. Group work is actively encouraged so as to demonstrate the need to draw upon a wealth of ideas in order to resolve and action tasks and challenges through the ages.