Extended Studies

Aristotle's Virtue Ethics

Being good is about developing your character and this is a continual process with no clear rules; it is assumed that we are disposed to do the best thing in any given situation. Whilst we are programmed to be creatures of habit, such as a sportsperson becomes good through practising, it is believed that by doing virtuous actions we will in turn become virtuous individuals. However, as thinking and reasoning beings we are able to reflect upon our actions and modify/refine our approach leading to a more desirable/virtuous outcome. We have to constantly assess and consider the merits of virtues and when it will be beneficial and when we will need to adopt a different approach or get help; it is also about balance and informed judgement. Aristotle's theory is not only concerned with being good but also offers a guide for living well and constantly improving and striving allowing individuals and communities to flourish.

Pupils were asked to consider the virtues they most value and wish to foster as part of their character and below are some of the excellent work produced...